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Bernard Madoff: The trade that didn’t work out.



The mob finally gets revenge, oh the tears…

What a horrid tale for so many people. If you could have pitched such a drama to a Hollywood producer he would have laughed you out of his studio. Of course that didn’t stop people and producers like Steven Spielberg from getting taken in by what the judge- Denny Chin described when meting out the heaviest possible punishment (behind bars for 150 years) as “extraordinary evil.”

So now you have the temporary closing of a very ugly chapter in the American dream to get rich scheme and work hard until a closer look is made elsewhere,

Of course Andy, and Mark will be there soon enough with uncle Pete and mom too – good old Ruth. Yet a nagging question keeps echoing ‘how could a trade like the one Bernie proposed have gone so unheeded?’

After all, no one can always win year in year out, wouldn’t it have been prudent to have wondered for a moment about a year with not a single wet drop? After all that’s what Bernie proposed, and at the end of the day a demon like Bernie is only as good as the demons you keep away too.

Oh the tears….

Madoff Sentenced to 150 Years for Ponzi Scheme

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