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The Call Girl Experience.



On the back of this week’s latest entrant to sensationalism and film debuts comes Steven Soderbergh’s film ‘the Girlfriend Experience.’ That said we were intrigued with the heightened public interest in such nefarious affairs and decided to explore the specifics that make a possible encounter with call girls an experience you never want to forget or as in this author’s particular experience savor with a bitter irony.

There is a time in a man’s life when he one day decides to pick up the phone and call that number on the back of some business card some associate or such and such passed to him. That time came to this author eight years ago. It was an experience that went beyond what I was betting on- the one night stand, that ended up living with me for a spring season but haunted me for many years. Of course such things aren’t suppose to happen when one picks up the phone to hire someone to fulfill some fantasy. It’s only supposed to be about money. Then again if you think about it the world is full of myths…

Call girls in case you didn’t know are part of the world’s oldest profession- prostitution. Except call girls are suppose to be the glamorous version of the world’s oldest profession. Like most things in life to make certain things palatable and easier to digest, paying a girl to accompany you on an outing or become the outing is more accommodating than one driving by some strip and looking for a date. Of course such things still go on, except in a call girl’s case, the date comes to you.

To become a call girl all one needs is a willingness to perform sexual favors in exchange for cash. Anywhere one goes in the world one will always find a call girl/boy. As long as you have money and some measure of decorum you should be able to find someone who is willing to offer you what you want for a modest fee. The fee and type of girl involved invariably differs, it’s contingent on what exactly is involved, if she is a cover model, ex cover model, whether you will be seen in public with her or whether it’s straight to the motel room. In the end no amount of glamour can change the fact that when two people agree to have sex for money some kind of humanity is lost, but then again sometimes that’s the whole point.

When I first hired Jane (not her real name) I was a young trader on Wall street making more money than was good for me or appropriate. With financial success came the belief that one could buy what they wanted including people. Coincidentally if one pauses to consider our culture at large that is exactly what is being sold to us, albeit at a more subtle level. Hiring calling girls, especially someone like Jane on the other hand is rarely a subtle experience.

When Jane first walked into my living room all we did was talk. Strange to have paid someone $1000 for a couple of hours for the pleasure of talking, but then again I wasn’t sure what hiring a call girl was all about and I sensed underneath the make up, the Louis Vuiton handbag and my confused inhibitions lay two people who had agreed because money was involved to meet. After my two hours were up Jane asked me if I would like to hire her again(behind her agency’s consent- a definite no no as far as the agent is concerned). I must’ve thought about it and replied, yes but only if I could hire her for the whole night.

When Jane returned later that evening (she had another customer, a major Hollywood celebrity to attend to ) she arrived in good spirits, roses, and some vindaloo chicken. We sat there talking, laughing, smoking cigarettes, eating and eventually getting undressed. This is the part where money is supposed to help, it’s like a lubricant that allows people, bankers, traders and aspiring models who if they were either disposed to time, social decorum or a few good friends would not need money. Then again, vast sums of it can make a young man feel invincible and a young woman receiving it also invincible.

Unfortunately what made Jane feel invincible were the vast amount of prescriptive artifacts, both the legal ones and the illegal ones. This is the part that always gets left out when you are prospectively looking to hire a call girl- yes Jane is divine, you guys will get on very well, she studies foreign relations, has green eyes, is 5ft 8, has appeared in numerous magazines, has a wonderful sense of humor and by the way she is addicted to the white devil.

No one can really be sure where call girls originated from, at best it’s a form of social Darwinism where the guy with the biggest brawn, clout gets the pick of the litter or if not the entire litter. In a culture that has little use for brawn and a heavy admiration for material possessions and the signature of clout, a man can and always if he is disposed signal to a woman that he is socially desirable by the standing he commands in society or through material possessions. This of course does not preclude a man if he has neither as long as he access to some money. This is one of the many advantages of hiring call girls, one needn’t be particularly socially desirable or wealthy, but then again if truth be told it is usually the socially esteemed or well to do chaps about town that have a particular affinity for call girls.

When a young woman decides to pursue a career (if one can use that word loosely) as a call girl it is often as a result of her not being able to completely break into her chosen career. Most girls will tell you that they are trying to be dancers, actors, models or stars, and sometimes it just ends up being about a young woman’s fascination for the fast life and what she is willing to do to live it herself. Inevitably it usually boils down to some girl on the spur of the moment calling some guy she met while walking through a hotel lobby or at a waiting tables gig. It may have been months since he passed his business card but rest assured she has in a very secret place stashed his number. Despite all that women have fought for in attaining equal standing in society they all know if push comes to shove if she needs to survive she can always live off her looks or sexual favors.

So there’s Jane holding a hollow clear tube, except it’s not hollow, bringing it to her lips, using a flame on the other hand and inhaling it in lightly as I am standing there thinking trading derivatives is risky enough but getting involved with a girl who’s freebasing is not? But I am not there to judge, and I am not Jane’s father, I am after all in the strictest sense just a John, and I have just written Jane a check for three thousand dollars and I am in no mood to spend that much money just talking. From that first kiss, I had like many other gentlemen (another loose term) before me had suddenly hired a fantasy.


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