We used to believe in Donald Trump and his hit show “The Apprentice,” until we took a bath too…

What sounds like lots of money flushing down the toilet and the vanquished idea that your super hero is uhm…no longer a hero?

When you watch the ‘Don’ on TV he sounds and looks invincible, but if you were to take a drive down the southern coast of California where large billboards extolling the virtue of ‘Trump Baja,’ you’d be very disappointed to find out that the project and your down payment no longer exist.

Call it failure of doing business, bank deals that went awry, or maybe a marketing campaign that just couldn’t keep up to reality?

One thing’s for sure the billboards are still around…not that that would bring you much solace now that your life savings are down the drain.

Trump Luxury Resort Venture Folds, Leaving Buyers Strapped

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