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Coke whores and A list hunks…


cocaine-bagAccording to ‘Gawker’ the King of smut and trash in NYC we read with intrigue about another tale of the hedonistic adventures of the A list society and their faux pas.

It’s a known fact that celebrity types enjoy the immunity of perpetrating certain social faux pas, but one does have to draw the line as to when enough is enough. If only the media could keep quiet and let the A list bury themselves where they stand.

According to Gawker there’s another tale about A list ‘fuck ups’ acting up in public, getting ‘elbowed’ in the face and living to tell their tale to an over saturated public. Who really cares about these stories and why do outlets like Gawker really bother?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be enlightened and inspired once in a while – even in a vacuous celebrity world? Not until the cash till runs dry we suspect…

Who Got Elbowed in the Face For Asking a Girl For Blow?

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