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Beggars’ Banquet Plane Hits Turbulence… rename it ‘Air Orgasm!’


air-orgasm1How you beg may come back to haunt you…Only a mere, few months after General Motors Executives descended upon Washington for a pilgrimage begging Hajj, the very plane that facilitated their journey is hitting turbulence and losing its preferred financial altitude.

Being the winged vehicle of the brash, unabashed, shameless, pin-striped suited scoundrels has seemingly backfired on the Gulf Stream luxury airliner so much so that major worker layoffs and furloughs are now in the works. Orders for production have soured due to the planes’ particularly indulgent, lavish image in the face of the country’s economic downturn. Worthy of concern is it—well, we’re not turning the cheeks of our derrières on this issue…neither are we flippantly feigning, ‘devil, may care?’ The repercussions will certainly lead to loss of production work for blue collar working Americans.

How thoughtless it was for the GM Execs not to think of the glamorous overexposure in the face of crying poverty…this is a double edged sword! In the Mob, after a bank heist it’s always strongly advised not to be seen prancing about a flush with cash; buying Cadillacs. That usually results in a hit on the flamboyant buffoon…Apparently the same is now being served up on General Dynamics, the air jet maker of luxury Gulf Stream planes.

The GM Execs unlike bloodhounds were in the mode of limited opportunity to receive their billions for the alleged auto bailout. They smelled the money and boarded their private jets as quickly as they could to beat out the outstretched grubby tentacles of likeminded competition. Beggars for Billions have to compete too… Does anyone really think that this proverbial race between the turtle and the hare would have yielded greater benefit for the Execs had they traveled to DC by Dodge, Pontiac or Chevy?

Perhaps a little market restructuring is in order…a Stimulus plan in the clouds for the hard, everyday working Joes?

Why not remodel these planes to facilitate affordable air travel-pleasure journeys featuring Mile High Club friendly class accommodations for Joe Public?

Instead of exquisite French bubbly give me Coors light, instead of caviar and crackers how about an Oscar Myer wiener; instead of Grey Poupon give me deli mustard… And um, Mrs. Stewardess.., is that a plush mattress you got in the back?

Finally the best part would be re naming the planes. We suggest “Air Orgasm” where you too can find skies of blue and plenty of altitude!

We can almost hear the slogan now;

“Air Orgasm…Oh, so good!”

Bad economy forcing Gulfstream layoffs, furloughs