WikiLeaks sympathizer plans on leaking Bank of America memos


Ah, we see the alliterated headlines now: Anonymous Avenges Assange… lovely. Anonymous, a hacker group, and WikiLeaks sympathizer, plans on leaking Bank of America emails to the public Monday; internal documents said to have information that proves both “corruption and fraud” on behalf of the corporation. Reuters: “A representative from Anonymous said the documents relate […]

Will Americans Have to Rebuild the Internet From Scratch in the Name of Freedom?


Think the internet is a free flowing sphere of space and content? Think again, it’s anything but that… While WikiLeaks has, at least to date, failed to release any truly earth shattering information (unless you take the properly schizoid Gulf of Aden Stargate conspiracy theory seriously) signs seem to be showing that the WikiLeaks experience […]

Being a heroin addict in Canada is no fun.


Being a heroin addict in Canada is no fun. Out of the Montreal Gazette this morning comes a disparaging tale of heroin users who are struggling to receive assistance as a surge of the good stuff hits its shores in droves from Afghanistan. The outcome it seems aren’t very palatable, and in the end it […]

Media transparency, Mastercard and payback.


Another one bites the dust. David vs Goliath…Mastercard down, Visa down too, who’s next? For all of us collectively holding our breath as we watch the mammoth saga being played out live in our living rooms and in front of our keyboards between accused terrorist hacker Julian Assange, the head of Wikileaks and his vilified […]

Julian Assange may soon be out of the picture.


How to catch a terrorist hack or so it goes… Reports coming out of the British press has it that renegade founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange responsible for revealing secret dialogues and communiques that have sent diplomatic shock waves across the world may agree to meet with British police surrounding an alleged rape that he […]

Ekaterina Zatuliveter has suddenly become the latest sexy Russian spy to be deported.


Is she a spy or isn’t she? Debate is still running as to whether Ekaterina Zatuliveter, a 25 year old Russian emigre working in the British House of Commons on behalf of British Liberal Democrat Mile Hancock was actually soliciting highly classified information on behalf of the Russian government. Not taking chances, the British government […]

WikiLeaks secrets lead to dramatic diplomatic crises.


Welcome to the new world crises. Things aren’t going down to well between Saudi Arabia and Iran and for that matter a number of states in the Western alliance, as WikiLeaks has made good on its promise to reveal embarrassing secrets in its dossier, the outcome having produced a diplomatic nightmare in the Middle East […]