Jeremy Kost: “It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn”

Jordan Schimmenti

NYC. Thursday night saw the book release party for Jeremy Kost’s latest photography work “It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn” at The Box on Chrystie Street. The special event was presented by Susann Bartsch and hosted by Amanda Lepore (did anyone actually see her?), Eric C. Shiner, and Jed Root. When first arriving at 8pm (I’m […]

Honoring Somaly Mam and her greatest fan Lauren Bush.

Jermaine Brown_1

Last night at the Box was probably one of the most heart breaking evenings that this author has had cause to experience in a while. Heart breaking because there in front of him and distinguished guests, which I will go over soon enough, a courageous woman many thousands of miles from her home in Cambodia […]

The Corridor, The Box, and The Horror of Reality TV.

Solo - Madeleine James (Jana)

The Wayward Pen Foundation hosted the premiere of “The Corridor,” a play by Slovenian author Matjaz Zupancic, this week at The Box. Our Hostess this evening was  Larisa Schweiger Drekonja, a Slovenian actress, model and artist, whose presence was infinitely fitting to the old world glamour emanating from the venue itself.  She is co-founder of […]

“The Corridor.” A deconstruction of Reality TV…


In a day and age where we always complain about reality TV shows and how dumb some of the reality stars are, are we even aware that it is our own faults that these people reach the level of success and fame that we all secretly vie for? By constantly feeding the machine that we […]

Trying to figure out where you will do coke, look faux glamorous and appropriately jittery now that Beatrice is going bye bye…


The disappointing things that happen in your lifetime…   Oh well, it looks it’s final, fantastic coke den and faux glamour hang out spot –Beatrice is set to surely not get a chance in hell to let you come back and behave as if you were in hell. According to trash bag in the wind […]