Park Ave property developer Kent Swig will soon be looking for a studio in East New York.


Another one bites the dust… If like most of us you’ve been financially rattled these last few months you have a spare shoulder with me to cry on, but that said I might have to shrug some of you off to make room for one big poobah- property developer Kent Swig who will soon be […]

The tricky affairs of socialites who two time each other. Welcome to Brice Marden’s bickering bixches.


Oh dear, what to say, where to run to? It seems one of best kept secrets prizes in society, famed abstract painter Brice Marden has found himself in a tenuous position. What tenuous position you wonder? The kind that involves your wife who you have been blatantly deceiving and the mistress ( a Vogue editor […]

Outrageously expensive Proms aren’t (nearly) what they used to be.

Image source: Gawker

Tis the season for folly, galas, spilling Kool Aid on your $800 Miu Miu’s and of the NYC city prom season. Which leaves us wondering how will you shape up relative to all the other school kids?After all your reputation and your chances of making it up the social kiddie food chain depends on it. […]

Socialite Karen Cord wants to tell you being a divorced socialite is hard work.


If your ex husband refuses or is unable to pay for your lifestyle does that still make you a socialite? Oh dear, time for the society scandal of the week. This week’s contestants to the nether land of faux pas and in escapable tears goes to Karen Cord and her ex the jewelry designer Barry Kieselstein Cord. Why […]

Infamous party crasher Priyantha DeSilva arrested.


Society poser Priyantha De Silva pleads guilty for being a scumbag …  How much trouble would you go through to be part of society? Priyantha DeSilva has been making the rounds for some time now, attending bon vivant events on the guise that he too was a socialite, film maker, financier or what ever one likes to hear […]

Tinsley Two-face Mortimer.


For those of you uninitiated to the filming of the reality show (and I’ll use that word lightly) – High Society, the show has caused some degree of consternation amongst its stars, its producers and even some members of the press. One thing is for sure, what we mean by ‘society,’ has perversely gone out […]

News reporters that smoke crack are only slightly more jittery than non smoking crack journalists.


A Braver type of journalist has arrived in America. From Gawker comes an interesting tale of the brave new world of journalism: Former North Carolina TV newsman Jon Robinson is more interesting than most TV newsmen: “What I really wanted to say [on air] is, ‘I shot heroin last night and smoked crack and watched […]

Herb Nass takes center stage at Christie’s.


In certain realms of society, high profile estate disputes are equivalent to a day at the races.  Bets are placed, money is both won and lost and men emerge victorious at the expense of others. Perhaps, if the aforementioned sod had known how to better manage his estate, or had the foresight to appropriately plan […]

Conversations with Anthony Haden Guest at the Whitney Glam.

Whitney guest

The Whitney tete a tete celebrating the museum’s 75 years of biennials was an upscale to do. The kind of event where young socialites meet their future husbands. Set on the dock by the pool at The Standard Hotel, the lighting set the tone for an evening of influential hob knobbing. Content to observe and […]

The UK “grime” scene gets grimier, it seems there is no price too high for fame.


The Times reports: ‘Two teenage rappers have been jailed for a total of 32 years for plotting to kill a pregnant 15-year-old because they thought she stood in the way of their music careers.’ The two 19-year-olds, Kingsley Ogundele and Brandon Jolie, who had big ambitions on the “grime” music scene decided that a baby […]

Art Basel Burns Up Miami.

W hotel swimming Pool

The Emmanuel Perrotin gallery opening was just one of the many amazing events last night. While there was certainly a lot happening in every gallery in Miami’s Design District, this event was well attended and arguably the coolest party to be seen at.   Celebrities mixing with heavy hitting artists, the event was reminiscent of hanging […]