Oh really? NYC socialite Hannah Bronfman wants to shop her life into a Hollywood film.


  Meet the Gatsbabies: Manhattan socialites or just dudes with shady auras? The Top Ten “Step and Repeat” Offenders of NYC. The top ten socialite whores of NYC. A candid look at the next generation of the ‘new socialites’- the Neolites. The pathetic fixtures of New York High Society. NYC socialite Hannah Bronfman and general young rich […]

Sobbing on Fifth. Confessions of an ungrateful Park avenue socialite.

Sutton and Astor van Brigsby,

Kids here’s an interesting essay that found it’s way on racked courtesy of Park avenue brat socialite Sutton Van Brigsby, one half of the due behind newly launched shopping blog Sobbing on Fifth who dwells on her formative years living the idyllic life that most of us only dream about. Because shopping at Bergdorf Goodman […]

Park avenue nanny subjected to hell. Now suing socialite.

Andrea Duncan.

A live in nanny, 31 year old Andrea Duncan, an aspiring model and actress brought on to take care of Park avenue socialite Suzanee O’Leary and celebrated surgeon Dr Patrick O’Leary‘s 23 year emotionally disturbed daughter has filed a lawsuit this past Friday against her employer after accusations of abuse. The story follows after the […]

Socialite is spared jail despite her involvement in illicit sex and drugs scandal

Picture 372

Mary Gorman, a British socialite and the 43 year old wife of self made multi millionaire Chris Gorman and mother of four might just be calling herself lucky despite the punishment Florida courts have exacted on her pursuant to one evening’s over the top behavior (but quite ordinary for Mary) that saw her being cited […]

Devorah Rose: The Make Believe World of a Social Parasite.

Picture 174

Breaking news Monday afternoon: Will she resign? Social Life Magazine Society Editor Demands Devorah Rose vacate her office or he will. Monday morning reaction: Devorah Rose: Women’s advocate against abuse that cried wolf. latest development Sunday lunchtime: Devorah Rose comes back slinging hard- ‘men will just make you feel bad about yourself.’ The article that […]

Meet the dubious cast of Bravo’s New Socialite Reality show; Most Eligible (Socialite Whores)…


Kids, my ears are still ringing like battle scarred dustbins left in the path of a super sonic Boeing jet pursuant to the incredulous news that Bravo somehow licked a few crumpled dollars together to get off the ground the newest show and pony parade set to hit the Manhattan scene: “Most Eligible Socialite Whores…” […]

Manhattan socialite arrested for stealing $11 500 scarf.


Do scarves really cost that much? What about reputations? dailymailco.uk: Beata Boman, 38, a former model and fashion designer, is accused of taking the fur-lined garment from a clothing store in Connecticut on Monday. The attractive dark-haired woman, who was pictured partying with the prince on the Riviera coast in 2008, admitted shoplifting after being […]

No love lost between Devorah Rose and Rachelle Hruska.

Interesting- Ms Hruska could hardly wait to see Ms Rose, but now it seems Ms Rose exhausted her uselfulness. Oh well...

Kids, there used to be a time these two used to be  friends. But alas no more. Let’s say it’s more akin to hair pulling and a few kicks under the table if you catch my drift. Anyway, only because we know you would relish in the inner workings of bad behavior and society girls […]

NYT pestered Devorah Rose for nearly a year, then prints hit job. The color of Blood.

Image courtesy of the NYT's

It appears being a socialite these days comes with great risk at ones own sanity and reputation. Devorah Rose for one is sure to testify that such frictions can manifest themselves as one works towards the slippery slopes of the American dream. That said pursuant to yesterday’s NYT’s seek and destroy write up of Ms […]

Tonight the world weeps violently for Paul Johnson Calderon.


Kids, I’ve been consulting with the chipmunks that feed off the crumbs off our next door neighbor- a down and out Taco house and the prognosis is not good. No matter what they have been able to say to me, it seems that my hero Paul Johnson Calderon has forever irrevocably been lost to me. […]

Peasants need not apply- Welcome to the Snob Mob.

Alexa Winner and Tia Walker; 'I'll take the attention any day of the week."

Kids the teardrops are backed up all the way to the back of my spleen and there’s only person I hold responsible for this- Oliver Estreich- the apparent new commissar of tragic posh, society, diamond platinum tear drops and a good drop of velvet moonshine. Cause you know when the NY Trash Post (aka Page […]

Infamous party crasher Priyantha DeSilva arrested.


Society poser Priyantha De Silva pleads guilty for being a scumbag …  How much trouble would you go through to be part of society? Priyantha DeSilva has been making the rounds for some time now, attending bon vivant events on the guise that he too was a socialite, film maker, financier or what ever one likes to hear […]