And all the Society bloggers came to Joonbug’s and Fashion Indie’s prom.

Sally Shan and white tuxedo boy.

So what is it with society bloggers these days, a little thing in my head is got me wondering they are more media whores than the media whores that we all rush and bruise ourselves to cover. But that’s the thing with celebrity and faux fame, we all want to become one, and ironically in […]

CW’s High Society gets the green light for season 2 but now needs new characters. But who will fill the void?


Who will  love Tinsley Mortimer more than Devorah Rose? It’s official, Michael Aho and his gruesome cohort have decided to continue offending our collective sensibilities by offering us a second season of the hideousness that has preceded until now. With Devorah Rose reportedly not sure she will sign on for season 2 (apparently the acrimony […]

Sally Shan’s dating life is tearing her apart and she wants you to know about it.


Will Sally Shan ever find love? Oh well here’s a tough one. By now most of you have heard of Sally Shan, designated nightlife promoter media whore that has half of New York appalled and most of NJ tragically endeared to her. This week in the continued adventures of Sally Shan and her 24/7 pr […]

Matt Assante- the man of the moment. At the Gansevoort…


Before you even arrive on the penthouse floor you know just by looking around you something diabolical and wonderful is going to happen. Standing there with an array of starlets, high heeled fashion models and the German rap singer (we kid you not…) in the elevator you already sense that this evening you are going […]

Floozy Girls and Dopey Goombas or something like that…


“I think the title of your article should be ‘Floozy Girls and Dopey Goombas’,” said Mark, our photographer, as we shoved our way through a sea of orange spray tans and expensive push-up bras. We managed to slip in by tagging along like we were part of someone else’s posse, and I headed straight to […]

Sally Shan- the Girl that could. Part 2.


We here at Scallywag and Vagabond have been amused, flabbergasted and intrigued by the depth of response given our recent coverage of this wonderful lady’s ascent to the heights of social paramours. That said, we decided to give you part two, and perhaps a moment of respite in the fiery storm of what has become […]

Sally does Donald TRUMP.


What do you get when you mix black tie accoutrement, Donald Trump’s United World Bar, a young socialite who has pull (the very affable Sally Shan), and the power of Facebook connections? You might be surprised, but you actually get a pretty good show, a pity not everyone could get in… see latest update on […]