Did MTV kill Dj AM ?

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When dealing with things too close to home got the better of a recovering addict. Out of the NY Times comes the latest speculation of what may have sent DJ Am over the edge. Hosting the reality show called “Gone too far ” DJ AM, also known as Adam Goldstein, would spend air time with […]

Lohans vs Fungus


Another day, another story on La Lohan. At first, it was fun to watch this media brat crash and burn. But slowly, it’s becoming more painful to watch. Not only did her fashion debut in Paris fail and earn her snickers and eye-rolling, she has her two embarrassing parents who cannot seem to keep their […]

Gossip Time- Actress Melanie Griffith checks in for ‘routine’ drug rehab.


When what is extraordinary for me and you is normal for others.   Ho- hum, the UK’s Mirror reports today that actress Melanie Griffith has checked into routine drug rehab for prescription drugs for the third time this year. What of course makes this all so interesting is since when is checking in (you know […]