Our top 5 predictions for 2011: The rise of media whoredom, social networking and the haves vs the have me nots but wishful fame and money.


As we trod on firmly on to the new year, we’ve been thinking about some of the trends/instances that we should be on the look out for and frankly believe will become part of our daily regiment.  With the dizzying speed of ever increasing communication, one thing is for sure- unless it’s not in the […]

The wealth paradox. How are there more rich people in America while you’re getting poorer?


Economics 101 for Americans in need of economic sanity. Here comes a seemingly interesting quandary. According to a report released by the Wall St Journal, there are more people in America who are worth more than a million dollars than ever more. Great if you are a millionaire, but kind of bad if you are […]

Harry Potter’s Synonym is Wealth.


Despite being shoved aside momentarily from the spotlight by the Twilight series, Harry Potter is an undying force to be reckoned with — (can it be the allure of Harry’s magical wand?) Along our voyage of watching Daniel Radcliffe sprout facial hair, Rupert Grint branch out into a tall hunk of ginger, and Emma Watson […]

Goldman Sachs ethos dissipates into a free for all.


Blaming traders for tainting blue ribbon images. It seems that the once much adored private bankers and merchant bankers that the banking behemoth entity Goldman Sachs was once revered for has gone the way of sleazy fast fat profits which as we all know are very exciting for the balance book but not exactly so […]

Wass Stevens reveals what’s wrong with rich old men and the broads who use them.


The world according to a celebrity doorman. There used to be a time in society where it was just the doorman’s place to be polite, smile, open doors and gently shut them. Not true when it comes to Wass Stevens the life career doorman of such over rated venues as Marquee and Avenue. Wass seen […]

Alleged Tiger Mistress wants to take advantage of her notoriety and become a media whore.


How to make always money with your legs spread in the air. There seems to be a pervading theme amongst eyesores in America that if they misbehave and happen to get some media attention then America will get a hard on and ask them to move into their living room- for a fee of course. […]

Angelina Jolie Has Some Secret Children


Angelina Jolie’s noble actions of helping the orphans worldwide is admirable, but now it just seems like she’s picking up children in an attempt to start a collection of memorabilia from each country she visits. After a recent trip to Amman, Jordan with Brad Pitt, gossip and speculation was fueled that they were going to […]

The perils of bringing your video camera to the cinema.


Don’t you just love hearing about really unnecessary arrests for the sake of setting an example? Samantha Tumpach, 22, has already spent two days in jail, and could be looking at up to three years more, after being arrested at a showing of New Moon where she inadvertently captured three minutes of the film on […]

Terrance Watanabe wants to sue you because he gambled his life away.


Gambling etiquette in America. First we had people suing McDonald’s for making them fat, now a 52-year-old Omaha man, Terrance Watanabe, who lost $127 million at the Caesars Palace and Rio casinos in a year-long gambling binge, is suing Harrah’s Entertainment Inc., the owner of both casinos. CBS reports: “His compulsion led him to practically […]

Bruno: Still Ruining Lives


Sacha Baron Cohen overturned America when he released the movie in 2006 named: “Borat.” His ability to disappear in to his character and believe himself to really be a Kazakhstan reporter traveling through America for his first time was hilarious and convincing. I guess for some it was too realistic, as he fooled many of […]

Heiress Denies She Used Supermodel’s Vibrator.


Scandal in B grade America. Last time we checked Casey Johnson, society gal, heiress and accused vibrator user was in deep water. Arrested and manhandled at the behest of supermodel host (or just plain B actress …) Jasmine Lennard who felt violated when she found an assortment of goodies stolen and a wet vibrator on […]

£400K of Cocaine, Underwear Stuffed with Cash, and a Tasty-looking SIM Card.


Just your average night in Amstertam, then. One of Britain’s most wanted men reacted in an unusual way when he was arrested in Amsterdam with thousands of of euros hidden in his underwear, by attempting to swallow a phone SIM card. 30-year-old Adam Hart was apprehended in a successful collaboration between the British Embassy, Crimestoppers […]