Vogue are back to using underage models. Welcome to Ondria Hardin…

Ondria Hardin

Mark Jacobs defies CFDA ban and uses under age models Seems like the fashion world can’t help but keep using underage models despite assertions that to the contrary. Case in point, model Ondria Hardin who in the space of a short time has become the darling of the fashion world (yes it’s plain to see […]

Ali Lohan, sister of Lindsay Lohan gets signed on by Next Model Management. But can you believe it?


Just out of curiosity have you ever wondered about all the celebrities and entertainment stars running around courtesy of their parent’s connections? Well you can now add one more soon to be star courtesy of their sister’s fame. According to justjared, Ali Lohan has just being signed on for a multi year contract with Next […]

It’s now confirmed, aspiring models can now be propositioned by naked photographers on craigslist.

Should you be applying to this anytime soon?

Like most media addicts I like to spend my mornings scanning what passes for our derelict culture. And this little gem, courtesy of imgur (and you have to read the comments on reddit) has to take the cake. This time it involves the aspiring ambitions of a young model responding to some sleazeball photographer looking […]

Ford Models presents its working Black models wish list campaign. But will it work to get more black girls working?


How to get more colored girls thumping down the runway and onto American covers? It’s true that in the fashion world there is a disproportionate depiction of white girls to colored girls. But that is not to say that the industry has callously overlooked these girls but a reflection that certain tastes seem to hold […]

Top Shop forced to take down anorexic campaign.

Cody Young

In response to an avalanche of public dismay over their recent campaign (you can see the pictures here before they were pulled off and the main campaign image below) Top Shop, the UK fashion house has been forced to take down their recent campaign. Apparently the use of new up and coming model 18 year […]

Wilhelmina Models launches search for women over 40.


Is it suddenly all right to be beautiful and an older woman? Perhaps in a sign that the fashion industry is reeling from over exposure of using too young models, Wilhelmina has decided to launch a search for women over 40. Which either proves to us- that woman are finally beginning to liberate themselves and […]

Andrej Pejic- In search of a sex change.


At only 19 this young Australian (via Serbia)- Andrej Pejic has unlike any male model in recent time caused a type of delirious pandemonium in the annals of fashion. Whether it’s the fact that he looks like a beautiful woman or the fact that he just happened to come along at the precise time that […]

Nick Gruber has a message for playgirl: ‘Go fxck yourself!’


How fame and connections suddenly went to Nick’s head. Woe to be a famous boy toy and not treated with kid gloves. Huffingtonpost: Vice President of Marketing for Playgirl Daniel Nardicio told Musto that once upon a time he contacted Gruber to pose for the magazine, and Gruber agreed — as long as he’d be on the cover. But […]

The rise of the ‘older’ model? The cunning tricks of the fashion world explained.

Stella Tennant- 40 for Chanel

    According to an intriguing article out of this weekend’s UK Telegraph, fashion designers are turning to name brand models of yesteryear in their campaigns, thus creating a situation whereby older models are suddenly being (re)celebrated. What ought to also be mentioned is the fashion industry is only willing to use those older models who […]

The end of the male model?

Tomek Szczukiecki

  Pursuant to a surprising (well not so surprising to those of us who have actually pursued it, this author included- Reflections of a former Male Model.) statement by top male model, David Gandy that male models are treated on the lowest level on the totem pole in the fashion world, Huffington Post came out […]

The arrival of the supermodel and transsexual French Kiss.


In the continuing stake of de sexualizing fashion and by extension the hyperbole that surrounds it (even though paradoxically it is used to sell and position merchandise and ideas that draw on sexual innuendo) the fashion world has once again reinvigorated itself by continuing to position the neutral state of gender. Enter the androgynous neutral […]

ModelsHotel- Simply too beautiful for you!

Angie to the right.

Last night saw the beautiful set courtesy of team captain of ModelsHotel – David Clay step out at 60 Thompson street in anticipation of a hectic and ribald NY Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. With a motley of the haute set, too chiselled cheekbones (the way we like them here kids!) and the uber fun, Scallywag […]