Oh really? Matt Lauer left wife then came crawling back after affair.


Master of perfect tea manners Matt Lauer has managed to re instate himself in tabloid land with revelations that the beleaguered Today show host walked out on his wife over the summer only to come crawling back to her after a purported affair went bust. The report comes courtesy of radaronlie who tell that ‘sources’ […]

Oh really? Matt Lauer gets 2 year extension on NBC’s Today show. But how?


NBC‘s Matt Lauer has just signed up a lucrative deal to remain the head peacock at the broadcasting giant’s flagship morning show, The Today show for another two years, reported this morning the NY Times. The two year plus sign on extension comes as Matt Lauer, 56 who has held the slot since 1994 came […]

Savannah Guthrie got married this weekend and she’s pregnant too.


NBC ‘Today‘ show anchor, Savannah Guthrie, 42, gave viewers quite the surprise indeed when she revealed that she got married over the weekend as well as the fact that she’s four months into her first pregnancy. Her newly wed partner happens to be Mike Feldman, 45,  a media consultant, presiding as a managing director at Glover Park. […]

Bode Miller crying. Defends NBC reporter who reduced him to tears.


Bode Miller, the US skier who was reduced to tears courtesy of NBC reporter Christin Cooper live on TV has defended the reporter in light of the lambasting she has received after what many considered to be an unrelenting invasive interview. In defending the reporter, Bode Miller who had won a bronze medal in the […]

Al Roker calls class war on Mayor Bill De Blasio over snow failures.

al roker

NBC weatherman Al Roker has come out stinging against newly elected NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio whom the iconic weatherman accused of neglecting certain parts of the city based on class lines. Implied in Roker’s delicious bellicose rant was the assertion that Blasio had purposefully neglected the usually platinum terrain of the Upper East side for […]

Oh really? Sarah Palin explains how health care really ought to work.


In perhaps in a sign that former Vice President hopeful, Sarah Palin might reconsider her aspirations in the White House, the former Alaskan governor went on to regale Today show host Matt Lauer about how health care really ought to be run in America. Coming on the Today show to disparage Obamacare, Palin went on […]

Matt Lauer as Pamela Anderson. Would you hit it?


The horror kids of Gotham City were this morning treated to the kinky tricks of NBC‘s Matt Lauer‘s side profession, that of a former washed up blonde gollywog prancing around Columbus Circle. And to be sure the goblets loved it, but of course not nearly as much as our action hero Matt Lauer. In lieu […]

Paula Deen’s apology means shit. Dropped yet again…


Paula Deen will never use the word nigger again. Suffers more losses. Paula Deen tells Matt Lauer she does not like niggers at all. Did Paula Deen turn up drunk on the Today show? It seems Paula Deen‘s last ditch attempt to salvage her food empire took another nose dive after her appearance this morning […]

Paula Deen tells Matt Lauer she does not like niggers at all.


Paula Deen will never use the word nigger again. Suffers more losses. Paula Deen’s apology means shit. Dropped yet again… Did Paula Deen turn up drunk on the Today show? In quite an excruciating interview, Paula Deen who has found her life turned upside down after complaints of racial discrimination finally turned up on the […]

Again? Matt Lauer is derogatory and dismissive to TODAY show staffers.


Making media rounds this afternoon is the assertion that our collective media hero Matt Lauer is once again back to his old bad behavior as NBC’s flagship operative the ‘Today show,’ continues to stem viewers after last years humiliating firing of Ann Curry. Tells a source to radaronline: “The way Matt treats staffers at work […]

Oh really? Ann Curry is a mean spirited bixch tell neighbors.


It seems Ann Curry is back to making headlines again as the former Today co anchor has been labelled a ‘mean spirited bixch,’ who her long term Manhattan neighbors have had to purportedly had to endure. Needless to say the accusation hardly fits with the portrayal of Ann Curry as the sympathetic do gooder who […]

Matt Lauer pissed that NBC did not hire crisis pr team.


Matt Lauer has according to sources expressed dismay that his employer NBC had gone on to fail to bring on a crisis firm to handle the negative press that has followed him since the Ann Curry debacle that began last summer after the co anchor was unceremoniously dumped from her high profile position as co […]