Victoria Beckham’s open letter to Anna Wintour goes viral.


Seriously I wish the following letter wasn’t a fake but part of me knows that Victoria Beckham is seriously very proud of whoever took the time to write the open letter to Vogue’s Anna Wintour. Yes kids, I’m hurt and disappointed that Kanye West and his cheap bottle of gimmicks, Kim Kardashian (that’s not to […]

Naya Rivera selfie: My breasts aren’t fake.


Nayar Rivera’s selfie asks the forbidden question, are her breasts fake and is she on the way to becoming the new Kim Kardashian? With respect to the part of whether Naya Rivera is the new collective media whore that we’ve all been waiting to dethrone Kim Kardashian, the Glee diva has remained mum, but a careful […]

Anna Wintour on why Kim Kardashian got Vogue cover: ‘I am a sell out’

Givenchy - Front Row - PFW F/W 2013

The Kim Kardashian Vogue cover desperately explained by a fallen empress, Anna Wintour. Anna Wintour has this afternoon come out to address her naysayers after it was revealed earlier this afternoon that Kim Kardashian and her fiancé Kanye West  booked the April cover of American Vogue. Kim Kardashian Vogue cover wet dream comes true. Anna Wintour: Why?  Writes […]

Kim Kardashian Vogue cover wet dream comes true. Anna Wintour: Why?


Kim Kardashian Vogue cover wet dream has finally arrived. The end of American Vogue’s preeminence? Kim Kardashian has finally arrived in the high bracket leagues that she has been pining for ever since pimp momma, Kris Jenna purportedly orchestrated her daughter’s releasing of her sex tape which brought the reality media whore to our collective […]

How Miriam Weeks Belle Knox became the ultimate self promoting exhibitionist.


Since the visage of Miriam Weeks, aka Belle Knox has become public ennui, the Duke College freshman has told that she aspires to be a feminist lawyer upon graduation. That of course is a lie. What the adult entertainer has shown to aspire to be is the ultimate self promoting exhibitionist. Which is to say […]

Charges pending? Kanye West assaults man after he makes racial slur.


Rapper, Kanye West is under investigation after having assaulted an 18 year old man who the rapper told initially hurled racial slurs and insults to his fiance Kim Kardashian. The fracas came to unfold yesterday lunchtime after Kim Kardashian, 33 entered a furniture store and the assaulted teenager purportedly screamed ‘Fxck you bitch…. Shut up […]

Kris Jenner Instagram. The bikini shots to salivate over.


Expert: Kim Kardashian selfie doctored in recent workout shots. Kids if Kim Kardashian can do it so can pimp momma Kris Jenner as the infamous reality harlot now comes out with her very own instagram pictures lolling in her own half naked ensemble as a virtuous bikini lady of means and leisure. In a series […]

Expert: Kim Kardashian selfie doctored in recent workout shots.


It seems Kim Kardashian might not be the uber champion that she would like to portend to the world she really is after all. Case in point, the recent Kim Kardashian selflies which show the reality media whore appropriating a much smaller derriere than in previous pictures. Told photoshop master Peejie T via ld RadarOnline […]

Kim Kardashian’s baby North gets designer Christmas presents.


‘It really doesn’t matter. I can hardly tell the difference.’  But what does Kim Kardashian care what baby North thinks, the haute couture gifts might as well be for her and if she could somehow shrink herself for a day she would gladly finagle her ass into baby North’s new designer Christmas presents. Alas such […]

Oh really? How Kim Kardashian lost weight. 100 squats a day.


Kim Kardashian flabby armpits are gross and putting on six pounds a week. Kim Kardashian is not fat insists Kendall Jenner. Kendall Jenner insists you stop calling Kim Kardashian fat thanks. In a nail biting cliff hanger, Us Weekly has come out with a new piece extolling for virtuous eyes how our collective idol, Kim Kardashian […]

Oh really? Kim Kardashian instagram, compares herself to Elizabeth Taylor.


In yet another self indulgent selfie, Kim Kardashian has gone on instagram to compare herself to movie icon, Elizabeth Taylor. Posting a photo where the reality starlet goes on to feign a post of yester year ala Elizabeth Taylor, retro 1950′s as Cleopatra (seen in the background) our collective media whore insinuates she is on […]