Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian nude leaks. Do they deserve it?


With the purported leaking of new Jennifer Lawrence nude images and now Kim Kardashian nude images, the internet has once again gone up in arms arguing the merits of whether the celebs involved had it ‘coming to them?’ Perhaps not ironically the debate raging on the web comes after Kim Kardashian had this herself to […]

(NSFW) Vanessa Hudgens naked leaked photos via 4Chan. Yet to confirm


Although the High School Musical star has yet to confirm it, Vanessa Hudgens naked images have this Saturday weekend made the rounds courtesy of 4chan and reddit in the latest chapter of celebgate to now be unleashed by undisclosed hackers. ###Update on the advice of legal counsel and the presentation of a DMCA notice we took down said […]

(NSFW) Kim Kardashian naked photos leaked by 4chan?


Although her camp has yet to admit or deny purported Kim Kardashian naked photos leaked onto 4chan earlier on Saturday, the web has unimanously decided that the images are indeed that of Kim Kardashian. The new images come in tandem with other released naked images, including that of  Jennifer Lawrence (see here) Kaley Cuoco (see new […]

(NSFW) New Jennifer Lawrence naked photos leaked by 4chan?


It seems there might be new Jennifer Lawrence naked images courtesy of 4chan and reddit this Saturday weekend but as of yet none of the celebs implicated in the new fiasco have corroborated whether the images are fake or not. ## Update: Jennifer Lawrence images taken down by request of legal counsel. Involved celebrities involved are […]

Svitlana Sangary is the fake lawyer to the stars. Risks law license suspended.


Perhaps in a bid to upmarket her mettle and cache, Svitlana Sangary, a Californian lawyer took to the practice of photoshopping herself in photos of Hollywood stars, including President Barack Obama only to eventually be found out. Since been found out, the lawyer who photoshopped her image in photographs including Jamie Foxx, George Clooney, Leonardo […]

Kendall Jenner banned Kim Kardashian from coming to her fashion shows

Kendall Jenner

In the latest installment of ‘I hate my famous family for impeding my aspirations as a legitimate fashion model,’ Kendall Jenner (who these days insists on only going by the moniker Kendall) told in a recent interview that she banned her infamous sister, Kim Kardashian from attending fashion shows in which she was modeling in. […]

Oh really? Kendall Jenner damage control tips 30% on $550 lobster meal.


Kendall Jenner at the tender age of 18 has come to understand her economic viability rests on her ability to be seen as a good sport, as a reasonable alternative to her elder grotesque money, fame hungry merchandising regurgitating sisters, as a pixel of integrity, as an avatar of good will. Shit that she never […]

Photos: Why did Claire Leeson spend $30K to look like Kim Kardashian?

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 1.37.11 PM

Claire Leeson a UK 24 year old has told an ITV morning tv, This Morning show that she is now in debt to the tune of £18k ($30k USD). In debt because of her desperate desire to look like her Hollywood hero, Kim Kardashian. According to Claire Leeson she first became enamored with our collective hero […]

Kim Kardashian instagrams from helicopter cause the Hamptons had no reception


Fortunately for us Kim Kardashian over the weekend went out of her way to hop on a helicopter so she could instagram her existence. Instagram her existence cause she knew we’d starve away if we weren’t fed another image of our collective hero sashaying the glamorous existence we all wish we could have. Unable to […]

The Best Celeb Couples of 2014


We all love a celebrity romance and 2014 has already had its fair share of dating, weddings and baby announcements. If you still haven’t met the love of your life – try reading this website, which has a review of the best UK dating sites – take inspiration from some of the best celebrity couples […]

Kendall Jenner for Givenchy. Payback campaign?


Kendall Jenner‘s modeling career it seems is on a meteoric rise, thanks in part to her lithe look and what many have come to consider the payback scheme that the Kardashian family have been able to successfully orchestrate. Case in point, Kendall Jenner’s surprise inclusion in the Givenchy campaign. Kendall Jenner for Giles. On her […]

Vera Sidika, Kenyan Kim Kardashian skin bleaching controversy.


Vera Sidika, Kenya‘s version of America‘s Kim Kardashian has caused outrage after the controversial ‘socialite/provacatuer/publicity seeker‘ came to admit during a talk show that she spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on skin-lightening treatments. Until her appearance on Kenya’s “#TheTrend,” Sidika had been adored for her curves. The news of her quest for beauty would […]