Angelina Jolie puts health before vanity, strikes a blow to Hollywood superficiality


Angelina Jolie tells why she had double mastectomy. A history of self mutilation…? Angelina Jolie proves that she considers her health and the well being of her children as her top priority. As a rule, I try not to let celebrities influence how I think. I honestly could care less about most of the controversial […]

Ricky Gervais is no longer welcomed in America.

EXTRAS: Ricky Gervais. photo: Ray Burmiston

Be careful what you wish for. By all accounts Ricky Gervais did an amazing job of entertaining Hollywood and its stars at last night’s Globe Awards. Whether they enjoyed the entertainment that was offered courtesy of the biting and scathing star comedian is of course another thing. To date the American press has been wary […]

Rupert Everett wants to tell you he’s not particularly thrilled with Hollywood or Jennifer Aniston.


Will someone please give Rupert a role so he can shut up? Moving to the end of the year, Rupert Everett, bad boy of English cinema and disco lounges has decided to let us all know that as much as Hollywood is good at making dreary films it’s terrible when it comes to appreciating his […]

Teenage Paprazzo: GenArt Film Festival NYC Premier.


GenArt, according to their twitter page, is “a national organization dedicated to showcasing emerging fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists.”  According to their festival’s VP, Jeff Abramson, this organization targets a, “young, social crowd that lives very busy lives and doesn’t really have time to figure out what they want to do.” They are […]

Hollywood Kills Another Lost Boy.


Corey Haim, a victim of an over dose or Hollywood? The recipe for disaster was all there:  a former 80s teen star, Hollywood, and four bottles of prescription drugs.  The player in this particular true Hollywood story – Corey Haim.  You may remember him from such 80s classics as, The Lost Boys and Lucas.  Hopefully […]

Brittany Murphy’s Death sets the paparazzi off.


A minute must have passed before TMZ were next to Brittany Murphy’s death bed analyzing ‘exactly’ what had led to her death and what her death meant for America and by implication whether her recent lapse in work professionalism was tied to the possible bogey man called ‘drug addiction’ that has seen a number of […]

Harry Potter’s Synonym is Wealth.


Despite being shoved aside momentarily from the spotlight by the Twilight series, Harry Potter is an undying force to be reckoned with — (can it be the allure of Harry’s magical wand?) Along our voyage of watching Daniel Radcliffe sprout facial hair, Rupert Grint branch out into a tall hunk of ginger, and Emma Watson […]

Zac Efron Might Have to go Back to the Mouse


Pretty boys don’t always cut it… It may be time for Zac Efron to crawl back to Disney’s womb. With Efron’s first film project not related to Disney called Me and Orson Welles bombing at the box office, the world is hardly inspired. It is reported that in its limited release, the movie had a 2750 […]

Lindsay Lohan returns from India after a bout of fame trafficking.


Taking kudos for things that aren’t rightfully yours. No sooner had Lindsay Lohan capricious media whore and social dilettante arrived in India she had the masses in a frenzy. A frenzy of course unlike the one that she would have preferred. Thinking that she was flying to east LA or New Jersey Lilo didn’t realize […]

Angelina Jolie Has Some Secret Children


Angelina Jolie’s noble actions of helping the orphans worldwide is admirable, but now it just seems like she’s picking up children in an attempt to start a collection of memorabilia from each country she visits. After a recent trip to Amman, Jordan with Brad Pitt, gossip and speculation was fueled that they were going to […]

The perils of bringing your video camera to the cinema.


Don’t you just love hearing about really unnecessary arrests for the sake of setting an example? Samantha Tumpach, 22, has already spent two days in jail, and could be looking at up to three years more, after being arrested at a showing of New Moon where she inadvertently captured three minutes of the film on […]