Study: 42% of America can’t stand all you hipsters.


A study released today by Public Policy Polling has gone on to say that 42% of America can’t stand hipsters and in total only 16% of Americans have a favorable opinion of them which in some weird fitting way ought to make all you slackers (by definition) quite pleased. Other interesting nuggets include: Democrats (18% favorable, […]

Hipsters gear up for Halloween in Williamsburg.

Hipster in Williamsburg for Halloween.

Ever wondered what a hipster in Williamsburg would choose to dress up for Halloween? They don’t. Or to be succinct, every day is a dress up/down day and whilst you or I (well I don’t) may choose to dress up for Halloween hipsters have their own unique style and sense of decorum that defies convention or […]

Terry Richardson has some outtakes from his nude Hipster shoot for Purple Magazine.


It’s time to gawk and preen at these nubile honeys who supposedly rushed to flash their good stuff for Terry Richardson. In case you didn’t know Terry is the king of the hipsters (after Paul Sevigny of course) and when he says I need you bixches to drop by and get naked for one of me […]

The etiquette of what can and can not be said in coffee shops. Hipsters will be disappointed.

Four Barrel Coffee's. Read and weep.

Drinking coffee has always been about the quality of the coffee beans, the cigarette in your hand and of course the book you are reading (Catcher in the Rye remains the eternal favorite that I re read every 4 years). But that it seems doesn’t tell the whole story. Drinking coffee in a pubic venue […]

Williamsburg is officially gentrified. Hipsters can now check in at the Whythe Hotel.

Williamsburg's Whythe hotel. Images via curbed.

Long are the days gone that Williamsburg was once an artist’s colony and now are the days it’s fast becoming a congregation for the upwardly mobile. Case in point, the Whythe Hotel which opened on May 1st. curbed: Photographer Will Femia went along to check out some of the hotel rooms, event spaces, and still-in-progress […]

Being a white male hipster from Williamsburg has now become a miserable occupation.

Hipster attire.

Kids there was a time that the a run of the mill hipster could park his ironic ass on a stoop somewhere on Berry or Bedford and ironically scoff at those around him as they rushed to work, attended to menial things they would never dare attempt or at the very least nuzzle to the […]

It’s time to meet the latest fad of Williamsburg, Brooklyn: Neo Nazis.

Remy as photographed by Adam Krause.

Personally I have yet to notice them but according to gawker who broke this story courtesy of a gawker alumni’s friendship with a photographer, Adam Krause, who gained their trust and started taking pictures of them, skinheads or neo nazis are the latest fad alongside neo hipsters, neo goths and neo whatever that seems to […]

Beware hipsters. There’s a man trap waiting for you…

Picture 70

If only you get your hands on those American Spirits without getting your hand chopped off. Aren’t you glad you’re not a hipster? Unless of course you are… facebook The scientific reason revealed of why you’re a hipster. The definition of hipster suddenly became apparent… Failed musician/hipster explains why selling Christmas trees is still an […]

The scientific reason revealed of why you’re a hipster.

Picture 857

The scientific reason revealed of why you’re a hipster. More to do with the things that you unwittingly enjoy than the things that you think you’re supposed to enjoy… A new study courtesy of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Harvard University argues there is a scientific reason why certain individuals bond and […]

Failed musician/hipster explains why selling Christmas trees is still an ironical existence.

Picture 455

Kids it’s time to meet Jamie Granato. He’s a failed musician/hipster aspiring writer $4 cafe latte drinking dilettante who’s taken to living in a trailer (hence the irony part, cause he’s really not poor to begin with) whilst peddling Christmas trees to other like minded individuals in the hood. animalnewyork: We caught up with Granato […]

Cybe®Punks ‘2013: Just another hot bitch party full of Hipsters.


First off who named this event? It is the Year 2013 in New York , the 2012 Apocalypse never happened , the internet is saturated with Spam and Justin Bieber Music Videos and Donald Trump became the President of the Western Hemisphere .  But a new Movement of Cybe®punks are rising to save the Global […]