Teacher and principal shut down school indefinitely after remnants of their smoking crystal meth are found all over the premises.


The good shit that some principals and school teachers like to smoke whilst school is in session. Investigating principal Keith Phipps and teacher Jack Turley at West Virginia vocational school, police found traces of methamphetamine all over the building.  The school has been shut down indefinitely. Huffington Post: State Police Sgt. Andy Perdue said Monday […]

You can finally get high using Harrod’s $2000 Porsche bong.


Shouldn’t you be getting high luxuriously too. Kids, personally I always thought if there was a spare empty Coca Cola can around that would do the trick. That said, one outlet, the UK’s prestigious Harrods who is the home to Porsche Design has the sneaking suspicion that you might just be willing to pay up […]

The Underground Website where you can buy any drug imaginable is finally here.

1UP of Canada is offering 1/8 oz of "the infamous Jack Herer." He writes: "This is just classic stuff, well grown, well cured, well smoked." Price: 7.42 bitcoins ($64)

Drugs. Let’s face it, who can live without their high? Not you that’s for sure. Which is why it might delight you to know that there is now a new website where you can buy your drugs of choice without ever having to rely on a scatter brain drug dealer (don’t you hate it when […]

Getting stoned this spring in NYC just got next to impossible.


If only you had saved a few spliffs when you had the chance. Not that we condone it, but if we were the average NYC pothead I’d be on the phone with the delivery boy right now getting today’s batch quickly up to the studio. Why? Because it looks like the good shit just got […]

Entrepreneur plans to introduce medical-marijuana soft drinks.

Bill Lovejoy/Sentinel

As we predicted, here comes coverage of yet another questionable beverage whoring itself as a media spectacle and intentionally flirting with being banned – this one appealing to the medical marijuana crowd with ’12 mind blowing ounces’ of Canna Cola, set to launch this February. Positioning itself as the sexy ‘light beer’ of the endangered ‘medibles’ […]

Extortionist meth head tranny porn star sets up her ‘client.’

One of the artists works- Skulls- using a series of empty saline drug bags.

What happens when you are a porn star hooker transvestite, alleged meth addict when you don’t get your way? Bomb squads and folly in NYC… Yesterday we got wind of the fact that our friend Allan D Hasty (incorrectly spelled as Allen Hasty in every article that was written on this fiasco) was arrested for […]

A Columbian Cocaine Submarine Captain wants to explain how you get high.


Ever wonder how it is you exactly get access to the good shit? Captain Gustavo Alonso will now explain… For most of you bitches getting white skid marks under your nostrils it’s just a question if you have the number to a reputable drug dealer (which kind of strikes as an oxymoron as since when […]

My Adventures with a Crystal Meth Addict.


For anyone who has ever thought about using crystal meth or is may I offer you one piece of advice- do it quickly especially if death is in the back of your head….- Scallywag. It’s a quarter past 8 in the morning, and my recent ex room mate (as it will soon become apparent for […]