New KTZ collection is a tribute to TARTAN.

Photography by Dan Stern. KTZ 2012 A/W collection

It was a tip of the tartan hat to Vivienne Westwood at KTZ’s London Fashion week show debuting their new A/W 2012 collection. From tartan hats to tartan trousers, tartan kilts to even tartan-printed platform wedges, models were literally tartan-clad from head to toe. KTZ is renowned for their high-energy runway shows, and this one was no […]

How the internet came along and destroyed culture.


On the surface it almost sounds counter intuitive, that with the onset of the internet, more content, 24-7 of it, culture has been tampered with, with others even going so far as to say it has been destroyed. But this in essence is what Robert Levine posits in his recently released book: ‘Free Ride: How […]

Do Americans Have Culture?

Even food has become ubiquitious and its own kind of famous.

There are times when I fret over the state of American culture. It was recently announced, for example, that Justin Beiber is coming out with a memoir entitled “First Step 2 Forever”.  Not to over-dramatize it, but one could be forgiven for ascribing apocalyptic implications to this cultural development. Are we really going to embrace […]

A night out with Atlantic Magazine…


Wednesday night had us gallivanting with an erudite bunch over at Atlantic Magazine at preferred downtown spot Spitzers over at the Lower East side. In time for the holidays and the apparently wonderful year in media for the folk at Atlantic Magazine I sat down with president Justin Smith and wondered out aloud the fate […]

Art World Celebrities and figures. Which came first the chicken or egg?

Adele&Adele 2

After a frenzied rush to get VIP passes into the exclusive Art Basel lounge, I sat back and observed my surroundings. The place reeked of money. However, in the light of day (and with no celebrity in sight) it was less about self indulgence and more about passionate collecting. It was a family affair. Grandchildren […]

Art Basel Burns Up Miami.

W hotel swimming Pool

The Emmanuel Perrotin gallery opening was just one of the many amazing events last night. While there was certainly a lot happening in every gallery in Miami’s Design District, this event was well attended and arguably the coolest party to be seen at.   Celebrities mixing with heavy hitting artists, the event was reminiscent of hanging […]

A Starving Artist’s Guide to Sex, Money and Fame.


It takes cunning to make it as an artist and even more cunning to get the sex, money and fame that is your inalienable right if you traverse the platform called the artist. For most artists it’s a losing proposition- for a variety of reasons, the lack of money, charisma, contacts and most importantly because the […]

Indochine, 25 Years Of Downtown Chic


Getting my name placed on the list for Indochine’s 25 year anniversary was not an easy task, especially when competing with celebrities.  However, I managed to obtain my confirmation from one of Nadine Johnson’s lovely and beautiful darlings (wonder if she has any pull at the Boom Boom Room) and headed to the evening’s soiree.  […]

Authentic Message or Gaga Flair?


There are a lot of musical mini-sensations around these days, but it is hard to see which of them, if any, is blessed with the sort of longevity that can allow them to last the distance. Our ears are bombarded with the sounds of Lady Gaga, Miley Cirus and Taylor Swift. You can’t walk into […]

Susan Boyle Has 5 of 15 Minutes Left.


Susan Boyle, who became a star overnight with her bushy eyebrows, frumpy posture, and a beautiful voice, has broken a new record on Her debut album, aptly named, “I Dreamed A Dream” has “far surpassed” the numbers people had guesstimated. Honestly, I’m surprised. I thought her 15 minutes were up but it looks like […]

Tea and a Chat: Roger Daltrey at Times Square.


It’s not all that often you get to see a legend in action, but Roger Daltrey definitely fits that bill and he was most certainly in action on Friday night at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square. The crowd was buzzing and there was real anticipation from people thrilled to be watching one of the […]

What is it with Korean celebrities that keep committing suicide?

Jang Ja-yeon

Depression and self-loathing in Korea. According to the Associated Press, the recent suicide of Korean model Daul Kim, 20, in her Parisian apartment marks a mysterious string of suicides amongst Korean celebrities. Apparently, her death brings the suicide death toll to 9 this year. One has to ask why this is the prevailing wisdom of […]