Squishing Nemo crush porn producer arrested. Will be charged with animal cruelty?


Authorities in Cape Town, South Africa have told that they have made an arrest in connection with the controversial Squishing Nemo crush porn video that first made the rounds earlier this year. (NSFW) Squishing Nemo: School girl ‘crush’ videos self stomping fish while having sex  Ashley Richards jailed over erotic ‘crush video’ killings of cats and dogs […]

College athlete to be charged with felony for pouring boiling hot water over pet dog.

Picture 20

How not to treat animals… A 20 year old college student, Kyle Voissem, studying (yes the irony is too palpable) criminal justice at the University of Illinois, has seen his initial charge of misdemeanor animal cruelty bumped up to a felony pursuant to an event late last year which saw him pour scalding hot water […]

Tomas Bautista will be spending a year in jail for finger fucking his room mate’s Chihuahua.

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Tomas is not your typical animal lover.  Kids, it’s time to meet Tomas Bautista who it seems has been living a little on the wild side lately. How wild you wonder? Well suppose I tell you ‘you better lock up Fido,’ or Fido will live to regret it. Then again maybe s/he might not…. miaminewtimes: […]

Girl who climbed inside dead horse wanted to be Luke Skywalker (graphic images).


For those of you brave enough to see the undoctored images you can click here- but you have been warned the images are extremely graphic. She’s received death threats since the story first broke and now the 21-year-old girl whom along with her boyfriend took the sickening photos of her drenched head to toe in […]

Naked woman climbs inside gutted horse because she wanted to be at one with the horse.


If you can stomach the real live untouched images I caution you the reader to turn to the next page. You have been warned. Girl who climbed inside dead horse wanted to be Luke Skywalker (graphic images). What constitutes good form? How about curiosity? These are some the questions being asked in light of recent […]

Horrific video shows skinning of still alive raccoon dogs for fake ugg boots.


Animal rights activists are outraged pursuant to the release of damning and disturbing video (not for the feint hearted at all kids…ugh) of a Chinese operation where raccoon dogs are literally stripped whilst alive of their fur before being tossed into a pile where it is said that it would take up to three hours […]

Woman mutilates family cat for Lady Gaga costume.


Will your dress look and feel better if it has animal blood splattered all over it? It’s time to try and get inside the mind of 20 year old Angelina Barnes, who this evening is trying to explain why she felt compelled to mutilate the 15 year old family tabby cat. Curious? Please put on […]

Teenager arrested for killing little brother’s hamster.


Oh no- you killed my hamster! Things aren’t looking too good for one particular family pursuant to the revelation that a domestic dispute led to the violent death of a hamster at the hands of a 19 year old sister. nyt: A New York City teenager has been arrested on a felony charge in the death […]

Billy Joe Gregg Jr. caught beating cows gets 8 months in jail.


If only cows could swallow their oppressors. What is it with douches that can’t resist the urge to needlessly hurt animals? Take Billy Joe Gregg Jr, a farmhand who somehow mistook life’s frustrations for the blunt edge of a calf’s soft head… Source; blog.cleveland.com PLAIN CITY, Ohio — A farmhand was sentenced Friday to eight […]

Bosnian Grandmother Claims to Have Rescued the Litter of Puppies Thrown into a River.


We have a new development today in the puppy throwing “story that shocked the world”: a 75-year-old Bosnian grandmother (babushka and all) Ruza Pavlovic claims to have found all five of the puppies that had been hurled into a river to die in the notorious video that surfaced as a 4chan meme recently. But the […]

Vigilantes from 4Chan’s /b/ Forum Hot on the Trail of Puppy Throwing Girl


It shouldn’t be at all surprising that the usually perverted internet masses have been busy little vigilantes today after viewing a video of a mysterious young woman giggling while throwing helpless puppies into a river to drown. Gawker reports that: On Monday afternoon, this video was posted to a thread on /b/—the unruly, lawless “Random” […]

Have you met Russia’s parasailing donkey yet?


The things that go flying over Russian sun bathers. Mmh. This one is a doozy, and that said we suggest you buckle yourself in your favorite rocking chair, swallow some of your favorite medicinal pills as we reveal to you the experiences of Boris the parasailing donkey. Please no braying! Huffington Post: Sunbathers in southern […]