How “Indie” Are Independent Musicians, Really?


Independent musicians have always been around but over the last decade or so, they’ve really come into their own. Just ten years ago, independent musicians were primarily focused on competing against each other for time in front of traditional management teams and major label representatives. Today they’re happy to go it alone, knowing that their […]

DJ Mike Rizzo, does he have what it takes to be the world’s number one dance music producer?


Producing and remixing chart breaking dance hits is not for the faint of heart, it takes chutzpah, a great ear, a well oiled machine (as I will soon find out) and the uncanny ability to discern what is going to grab other dj’s across the world, the labels, the Billboard Charts, social media as well […]

Electric dance sensation, Dani Barbers: ‘Take Me Away’


If one could best describe electronic dance sensation, Dani Barbers, raunchy and gutsy would be an understatement. With her soon to be released 5 EPK track, ‘Take me away,’ the 20 year old native New Jersey girl goes on a reflective and personal journey to self redemption and awareness and bravado. Spirited and full of gusto, Danni […]

5 Popular Songs Misused in Hollywood Films


Let’s say you’re Leonard Cohen. Brilliant Canadian songwriter whose lyrics provide calm, patient insight into issues of religion, love, intimacy, and the human condition. Now your most-famous song “Hallelujah” is forever linked to a kid’s movie about talking ogres, and you aren’t even the guy singing it. Sucks, right? Unfortunately, Cohen is not the only […]

Janine Berenson electronic dance pop star: ‘We can have it all….’


Making her presence felt in the world of electronic dance music is Janine Berenson, a native Floridian who has like so many come to NYC to flourish her art and excel at that which drives her. Fortunately for us, Janine Berenson is one artist who is well on her way of becoming a household sensation […]

Natasha Ashworth on Broadway, pop stardom and cinema.


Making it as an actress and bona fide performer is perhaps the cherished dream of so many aspiring young starlets. Getting there and actually living it on the other hand is a rarefied experience and perhaps someone to watch out for in the coming months is the visage of Natasha Ashworth who has already had […]

Cannes 2013: A Reflection


The Cannes Film festival comes once a year and brings talent from across the globe. For any film buff, this is one of the highlights of the spring season, if not the entire year. For a couple of short weeks we get to watch foreign films before anyone else in the world. With nearly two […]