Andrej Pejic has sex reassignment surgery, but will the beauty brands take her seriously?


Andreja Pejic formerly Andrej Pejic has told she has performed sex re assignment surgery and is no longer a he but a she. The top model known for their androgynous looks who first rose to international prominence in 2010 tells that the decision to fully embrace their identity as a female was a natural one […]

Here are Mario Gotze’s model girlfriend Ann Kathrin-Brommel lingerie pictures.


With Germany’s 1:0 win over Argentina yesterday thanks to the scoring goal of 22 year Mario Gotze, many are now being asked who exactly is this new wonder kid? Yet judging from the flow on social media it seems many of you are also quite curious to find out who exactly is the model girlfriend, […]

Pictures: Axelle Despiegelaere, Belgian world cup fan wins L’Oreal modeling contract


Against odds, Axelle Despiegelaere, a Belgian World cup fan has come to be awarded a modeling contract with L’Oreal after being spotted cheering in the crowd. Axelle Despiegelaere cut by L’Oreal over hunting pictures. The  17 year old girl caught the world’s attention after being photographed cheering on her national team in the Group H match […]

Ladies have you tried Shibue yet? Strapless panty on the go


Trending in the department of knickers and underwear is the new strapless panty otherwise known as the Shibue. According to the UK’s dailystar the burgeoning trend is a favorite amongst supermodels, celebrities, women on the go and one imagines you as well? Asymmetric man thongs are the new summer trend. Are you game? Shibue Couture […]

Wearing flatform shoes is guaranteed to kill you this summer


It seems a new fashion trend, the flatform shoe is likely to be more dangerous and potentially more lethal than any other new trend making the rounds this summer. Tooted to be this summer’s must have shoe, some have come to wonder if the shoe might be bringing more grief than the promised virtue that […]

Australian Women’s Weekly dares to feature burns survivor Turia Pitt on cover


Australian Women’s Weekly has done the unthinkable and the enviable as it chose to feature burns survivor Turia Pitt, 24 on its cover. With the view of inspiring a greater consciousness, the outlet put behind traditional aesthetics and concern for what many would necessarily would consider palpable by choosing to champion the former model and mining […]

How triple zero size became your must have dangerous fashion accessory


It seems a new rising trend towards acquiring triple zero size status has begun to hit the super sleek and effortlessly stylish women courtesy of Hollywood aspirations. Described as an obsession, the desire to appear thin and of course only wear thin has led to many women dieting themselves to near impossible waist sizes so […]

Kendall Jenner for Givenchy. Payback campaign?


Kendall Jenner‘s modeling career it seems is on a meteoric rise, thanks in part to her lithe look and what many have come to consider the payback scheme that the Kardashian family have been able to successfully orchestrate. Case in point, Kendall Jenner’s surprise inclusion in the Givenchy campaign. Kendall Jenner for Giles. On her […]

Asymmetric man thongs are the new summer trend. Are you game?


It seems a growing and brave breed group of men (Bobby Norris we salute you)  have taken to wearing asymmetric man thongs this summer. The question now is how soon will the trend cross over to the general male population and will you be tempted to join in? According to buzzfeed who have done a […]

Online discount and voucher shopping- how to use it to maximum effect and value.


As more and more businesses, from fashion retailers, beauty salons, health providers, travel facilitators turn to the web to get their wares and messages across I decided to see how it all came to work through an increasingly popular segment of the market called online discount shopping. Much of the market in this segment has […]

Hong Yuh Reum, South Korean model has surgery to look like Miranda Kerr and is now solidly booked


Hong Yuh Reum, a South Korean model  has told how she had plastic surgery to look like her idol, Australian super model, Miranda Kerr. Since the surgery, she now tells it has done wonders for her career. The revelation came about after appearing on a Japanese tv show where the model sought to discuss how […]