Should Mango apologize for anti semitic insignia like shirts?

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Spanish fashion outlet Mango has come under scrutiny after the apparel maker issued a new shirt replete with tiny black zig zag patterns that some argue are a too obvious reminder of the anti semitic insignia known as siegrune once worn by the Nazi SS, a paramilitary organization during the third Reich. Despite the outlet apologizing for what […]

How ANTM runner up Simone Holtznagel became the new face of Guess.


With her second runner up posting with Australia’s next top model (ANTM) 2011, Australia’s Simone Holtznagel had a little bit of headwind behind her when she came to be announced this week as the new face of US Guess. To date the model from the port town of Wollongong has already modeled with Guess in […]

Should H&M apologize for its Kurdish female fighter Khaki jumpsuit?


Fashion retailer H&M has been forced to apologize for bringing out its Kurdish female fighter Khaki inspired outfit as social media took to calling the outlet irresponsible and insensitive along with taking advantage of other people’s misery and struggles as it profits with its new line. Since adopting a jumpsuit with matching military boots and […]

Stella McCartney skeleton chic model causes uproar. Define healthy?


Fashion designer Stella McCartney has found herself embroiled in scandal after posting a picture on her instagram page featuring an emaciated model in a vest from her brand’s Summer 2015 collection alongside the caption: ‘Worn well! X Stella.’ The skeletal chic visage would instantly bring hordes to the fore expressing their unease with the posting. […]

Andreja Pejic kickstarter campaign. Will the fashion industry accept me as a woman?


Will former androgynous model Andrej Pejic now Andreja Pejic after a recent sex reassingnment operation prevail as a high grossing fashion model since changing over as a woman? That in essence is the question posed by a new kickstarter campaign that the model has launched as she seeks to explore the journey of transgender persons in […]

Should Zara have withdrawn concentration camp uniform?


Zara has capitulated to outcry and taken down a kid’s sheriff t shirt after complaints the shirt looked too much like a concentration camp uniform as worn by Holocaust victims. The ‘sheriff’ t-shirt – featuring blue stripes and a six-pointed yellow ‘badge’ – sparked anger as commentators drew comparisons with the Star of David badges […]

Has American Apparel resorted to Lolita fantasies? Sexism accused

American Apparel - back to school

American Apparel has once again caused uproar over its latest advertising campaign as it has has brought out a back to school ‘Lolita’ campaign that has many observers livid and accusing the outlet of blatant sexism. Made in Bangladesh American Apparel spark controversy Is this American Apparel Ad too sexy for your tastes? Say yes […]

Does Raj Shetye The Wrong turn, Indian women fending off attackers condone gang-rape?


In the event Mumbai-based photographer Raj Shetye was in need of attention he has certainly found it with the release of his fashion spread, ‘The Wrong Turn.’ The question though is has Raj Shetye warranted the right attention and has he served to highlight the tensions between men and women or rather glorified gang rape, […]