Miss USA Nia Sanchez rape defense comments cause feminists to hate her

Miss USA Nia Sanchez rape defense

So where did Miss USA Nia Sanchez rape defense argument go wrong?

She might be easy on the eye but tell that to feminist groups who have taken umbrage with the newly crowned Miss USA Nia Sanchez, who have in recent days called out the beauty pageant winner as re affirming rape culture and giving a pass to misogynistic attitudes towards women.

The hubris comes as a result of the recently crowned Miss USA after being asked how she thought women and society ought to deal with rape. Her answer it seems offended many when she told that a woman’s best option is to ‘learn to protect themselves.’

According to feminists Nia Sanchez’s answer, her response implied women are responsible for preventing violence against them. Which is a slight hand of way for not calling attention to how or why rape culture actually occurs in the first place and rather than examining how men as well as women (if we are to have an open discussion) have contributed to such perceptions and assaults. Instead a newly crowned idol chose to give a throw away response which in essence really means nothing (isn’t one’s impulse to defend themselves when assaulted?)  and perhaps on some level gives permission for aggressors to continue perpetuating their actions.

That said, aware that her comments may have flustered the media and if we must be cynical her public relations perceptions (that’s where the endorsement money later comes in kids), Nia Sanchez yesterday agreed to be interviewed by huffpo to of course set the record straight.

Defending her comments, Miss USA Nia Sanchez told: ‘We have 30 seconds to answer a question. I feel like all you can do up on that stage on national television is answer the best you personally know how, so I answered with something that I know. I always believe in women empowerment and women’s encouragement and for me, in my life, that’s self defense,’ 

‘Maybe for somebody else it’s a Taser or something else, but that’s the way I could relate to it personally.’

Reiterates huffpo: Sanchez counted self defense among many measures society should take to prevent violence against women, acknowledging that teaching women how to throw a punch does not prevent men from attempting assault. “Unfortunately, the world we live in is not always as safe as we hope it could be,” she said. “Just feeling confident to escape a scary situation is on women’s side.”

First of we should understand despite looking like a million dollars, Nia Sanchez’s looks or newly found celebrity status ought to not confer on to her shoulders the golden answers to society’s ills, as she has clearly remonstrated she was only answering from her own understanding of issues and to be held to some unobtainable standard of political correctness is misery waiting to happen in a tempest’s teapot. Then again to what one imagines is Nia Sanchez’s chagrin, these are the inconveniences of clinching future wealth and endorsements- by willing to be a punching bag for different divisions within society as we the media gleefully extol surprise hurt and woe whilst all the while counting our advertising dollars (whilst copying and pasting our next to nothing naked females on magazine covers while wondering why women are seen as sex objects) every time a naive but well meaning individual steps in it. 

And then there were these remarks on the web that made me wonder:

Yes, she is right, and I am all for women being confident and learning self-defense, but . . . self-defense won’t work for children, disabled people, elderly people, people with multiple or very large or armed assailants, places where the victim can’t safely get away, etc. 
Rape also generally occurs with men one knows, not strangers on the street, and it can be difficult to violently defend oneself against someone you love no matter what that person is doing to you. Shock and disbelief can slow ones reactions, and violent relationships can be extremely difficult to defend against.
Men also are raped, and they theoretically are stronger and more able to fight. If a man can be overwhelmed, what chance does a smaller woman have, no matter how well trained and fit?
The only real solution is for men to stop raping. No, not all of it will stop no matter what cultural change occurs, but much of it will stop if we, as a society, make it unacceptable. We have to stop being a “rape culture”.

The problem is not with her answer. The problem is the way the question is framed. 
We are too used to hearing about campus rape framed as a question for the victims to solve. “…19% of women are victims…” 
Instead of asking pageant contestants, we should be asking this question of male sports figures, male politicians, male professors, and other leaders, as to how we can teach young men (the great majority of rapists) to stop perpetuating these crimes. Women cannot solve this problem any more than a fence can stop graffiti.

When it is implicitly implied that all men are rapists, you automatically disengage the very people you want engaged.

Yeah…try protecting yourself with martial arts when the perp has a WEAPON….and you’ll get killed as well as sexually assaulted. Why do they even ask beauty queens real questions. None of them have the intelligence of a gnat.

  • gojinrickto

    she’s not wrong. all those man-hating feminist cunts should listen to this hot bitch. she knows what’s up.