The $35 Vaportini will now let you inhale alcohol and get really shit faced.



Kids do you pang for the desire to really become shit faced? Fear no more for here comes a new device that will help you get really achieve that very wonderful indelible effect. A simple new device has been created which speeds up the consumption by the body and deepens the effects of alcohol, reportedly giving the user an instant but intense high.

Freely available to purchase online, parents are likely to be horrified by the ease at which a product purely designed to increase levels of intoxication by liquor can be bought.

The $34.50 Vaportini acts similar to a traditional vaporizer, by gently heating the liquid until it releases the intoxicating vapors, which are inhaled through a straw after being heated by a candle at 140 Fahrenheit.

Apparently the reason one is able to feel intense highs from inhaling alcohol as opposed to drinking it is the fact than when one orally consumes a drink, 10 % of alcohol is absorbed through the stomach with 85% via the small intestine. Not withstanding the presence of food in one’s stomach often acts as a buffer. When inhaled though, alcohol enters the lungs directly into the bloodstream causing a much more rapid and stronger buzz.

That said there are real concerns that the device may lead to heightened  addiction as inhaling alcohol now involved going straight through to the brain, which raises the question what’s the difference between inhaling the good shit and now inhaling your good grog? Or to put it another way, why is one way of getting high legal and the other not?

For those who are prone to acquire the vaportini it can be found here.


  • IronheadOfScroteus

    I’m buying one tonight!