Oh really? Graydon Carter now becomes a waiter at the Beatrice Inn.


Graydon Carter and the Beatrice Inn

Graydon Carter and the Beatrice Inn. Graydon is also a preferred hawt bixch…

Ex-Beatrice owner Paul Sevigny and Vanity Fair’s Craydon clash over club name.

Vanity Fair’s Craydon Carter does not mind serving you social scandal as well as the establishment’s daily special…

How to raise money for charity with humble panache.

Page 6 is reporting that our collective media hero Graydon Carter has now donned the guise of that of a waiter at his eponymous new swank boite, the Beatrice Inn as part of an effort to raise money for the CFDA and Vogue’s ‘Fashion for Sandy Relief’ initiative.

Serving uber socialites (did you expect any less from Graydon?) Pippa Cohen, Michael Dupont, Todd Welsh and Marci Freedman a spy told page 6 the following:

“He didn’t wear an apron, but he did memorize and tell them the specials and pour their wine. He made sure they were happy. People were looking at him like ‘What’s going on?’ He had some help, but I’m sure he could get into it if his day job doesn’t work out.”

No word yet on the whether Graydon and former venue owner Paul Sevigny have been able to resolve their differences with respect to the venue’s name which uber club kid and former hipster (don’t tell me you are still a hipster Paul?) claims has extended good will to Mr Carter’s new establishment. Which is Paul’s way of saying ‘pay me now!’