Eating from bins. Spanish tourist stranded for 8 weeks at Chile terminal airport.

Rodrigo Ben-Azul

Rodrigo Ben-Azul

Here’s a story that is gaining momentum this Monday morning, it involves that of Spaniard Rodrigo Ben-Azul who arrived from Spain to Chile’s Santiago airport over 8 weeks ago and has since found himself stranded after running out of money.

The Spaniard’s calamity arose after arriving to the South American country with the hopes of reconciling a family issue which he was unable to do and has since November (including Christmas and the New Year) found himself at the  airport waiting for relatives from Spain to send him money for his return flight.

Told Ben-Azul to Chilean TV station Megavision: ‘I am trying to return to Spain. 

‘I’m waiting for them to send me money for the ticket’.

And yet despite the man’s urgency and dire situation no one yet has sent him the necessary funds. In fact airport workers have gone on to tell the tv station that Ben-Azul has adopted a daily routine which involves pushing abandoned luggage trolleys back into their space so he can claim the money.

From there he spends his day looking for food in dustbins and cigarette end to smoke. At night he finds a ‘small corner’ in order to sleep.

Local authorities have also garnered that little else is known about Ben-Azul, who is often seen wandering the concourses, luggage in tow and headphones firmly placed in his ears.

At present it is not understood if and when his relatives will send him any money at all and why to date they have allowed him to languish. Perhaps his demise in some way is related to the reconciliation at Santiago that to date he has been unable to resolve. Perhaps there are reasons as of yet not disclosed as to why the man’s family has yet to rescue him but one is poised to wonder why he undertook such risk and folly to arrive at another part of the world with no funds to assert himself. No word from the airlines either who to date have failed to take pity on him but then again how should they oblige themselves if he can not oblige himself?