Oh really? Here’s a picture of Anne Hathaway’s vagina, courtesy of Anne…

Anne Hathaway vagina

Anne Hathaway vagina.

Oh really? Anne Hathaway devastated you got to see her vagina.

Oh dear, what to think, what to say, just another day in the life of an omnipresent movie star.

Going viral this afternoon is a picture of actress Anne Hathaway getting out of her car as she gets set to attend the Les Miserables premiere in NYC last night. What though makes this photo quite memorable is the part where Anne unwittingly flashes her private parts and thus unwittingly serving to bring added media gusto to the feature the actress stars in.

Of course what Anne also serves to do is get all you miserable sods off too. Because that’s what movie stars do best, if they can’t excite you on screen there will always be a way to get you off, off screen. And of course Anne Hathaway like many accomplished, micro analyzed media whores on the planet manages to serve this end quite well thank you very much, with the help of course of your ever ready friendly scumbag trigger happy paparazzo.

You may continue gawking to heart’s content. As if you need my permission….blah!

via usmag

  • Diana Ramirez

    so done on purpose, come on