Oh really? Jermaine Jackson now wants to change his name?


Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson has decided it's time to move on from being a Jackson...

Jermaine Jackson has decided he no longer likes going by his given family name, Jackson. In fact he’s filed a petition to change that shit cause it no longer means much to him that family name. Well it does sort of, because he wants his new surname to sound the same (our collective hero wants to legally change it to Jacksun) but just not actually be the same, which is Jermaine’s subtle way of telling you he’s done with being a Jackson me too clan member.

Of course that’s not the story Jermaine is publicly giving his fans, cause that shit would hit too close to the bone, so instead Jermaine (I’m thinking why not change that shit to Jamming?) is whispering it’s got something to do with ‘artistic reasons.’ Although you and I all know it’s got everything to do with that bixch not getting his hands on his deceased brother’s Michael’s pot of gold, cause that stupid bixch Paris and her carpet dragging brothers keep blocking himand all the other Jacksons.

Or maybe Jamming’ just wants to relaunch his solo career without the stench of his family lineage crowding the rear view mirror, which might be fine, but personally I’m not so sure if I’m going to be lining up to buy my home made copy of ‘Another Life another broken dollar as sung by Jammin’ Jacksun.’

But lest you worry Jamming’ may be losing out changing his name there’s this too:

dlisted: Before Jermaine Jackson officially becomes Jermaine Jacksun, a judge has to approve it, he has to announce his new last name in a publication and there has to be a public hearing where anyone can object the change. In other words, bitch is going to attention whore the shit out of this name change.

Which is really good news, cause Jamming can alway use as many sessions pimping out his soul as long as you got time on your hands, which we all know you don’t.

Isn’t it time you altered your surname for ‘artistic’ reasons too?

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    seriously? who gives a ripe good &%#@!