Justin Bieber got his marching orders from Selena Gomez last week. Too immature…


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break up. No longer an item.

Justin Bieber is ditched by Selena Gomez after ten minute dinner date.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez back together. Sleeps over her house…

Justin Bieber not sure whether to go back to Selena Gomez or bang Victoria Secret models.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may have broken up because of Barbara Palvin picture. The last straw…

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spotted together at NYC hotel. Reunited?

Justin Bieber’s model girlfriend Barbara Palvin already has a boyfriend.

Justin Bieber wants Selena Gomez back after Barbara Palvin dumps him.

Justin Bieber’s model girlfriend Barbara Palvin isn’t that in too him.

Has Justin Bieber split from Selena Gomez? Seen going out with Victoria’s Secret model…

Oh really? Justin Bieber tries to get Victoria’s Secret model phone numbers…

And these were the hawt bixches that turned up to Victoria’s Secret after party…

Justin Bieber couldn’t resist eye balling all those Victoria’s Secret models…

It’s beginning to be revealed that our collective dream boat couple, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez actually split last week and although the official reason given for their split is because the duo were too busy with their own respective schedules it seems the real reason for the split is because Selena couldn’t handle the Bieb’s immaturity.

hollywoodlife: According to inside sources, Selena couldn’t deal with her not-so-perfect “Boyfriend’s” immaturity. And he couldn’t stand her acting like an old fuddy-duddy. Fuddy-duddy? La Gomez is only twenty.


“She is way too mature for him,” revealed an insider “He wants to have fun and be young and wants her around all the time and she wants to be like his mom and not go out and wants to actually settle with someone and she is boring!”

Boring? Selena? Wants to have more fun, be young?

Hmm seems like Selena and the Biebs weren’t getting on too well after all.

gather: It’s hard to believe it took these two almost two years to realize they are “immature” and “boring.” Besides, what teenager isn’t immature? And Selena Gomez has often said in interviews that she knew she probably wouldn’t marry the person she was with at age eighteen. And yet, now she suddenly wants to “actually settle with someone?” There has to be more to this story. Or not.

There’s also the idea that there were trust issues going on between the couple with Selena constantly checking up on her Biebs which only infuriated our wet dream.

nypost: A source told us: “Justin and Selena had been fighting and on the verge of a breakup for about six months. She was constantly calling and checking on him when they were apart. It was causing a lot of tension between them.”

Justin Bieber and Barbara Palvin.

Justin Bieber and Barbara Palvin in the background. The above image led to Selena Gomez tweeting a cryptic '.....'

In the end Biebs probably got fed up with his fuddy duddy girlfriend who was constantly putting the caps on him and him testing the waters probably only infuriated Selena, as evidenced by her cryptic twitter message in which she twitted ‘….’ after a picture of the Biebs and Barbara Palvin surfaced on Thursday only adding to her aggravation of having to deal with her over achieving boyfriend. Which is a kind way of saying that bixch was beginning to smell his success and manhood seeping out of his whisker thin chest hairs and it was only time for the Biebs to stretch his wings.

Nevertheless wasting no time with his new found freedom the Biebs went to work trying to score himself some high end arm candy (if Leonardo DiCaprio can do it so can the Biebs) which precipitated that bixch hustling to get as many numbers from the Victoria’s Secret models this past Wednesday where he performed as the lingerie show went on. Which probably explains how he ended up going out with Hungarian supermodel Barbara Palvin even if he knew that Selena would probably be pissed that he was willing to jump to the next hussy in record time. Then again Biebs is our collective wet dream and even a boy has got to sow his seeds too….

Nevermind Selena, there’s bound to be the next rising star you can latch on to, just ask the Biebs how easy it is.

Justin Bieber and Barbara Palvin, his new squeeze? Via Palvin's twitter feed.

Justin Bieber and Barbara Palvin, his new squeeze? Via Palvin's twitter feed.


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