Kate Upton stars for Vogue. Is high fashion ready to start featuring curvier girls?


Kate Upton

Steven Meisel photographs Kate Upton.

Kate Upton has found herself starring in the upcoming November issue of Vogue, making this her second Vogue appearance.

The model famous for flaunting her curves and being celebrated for being anything but the razor thin fashionista that many journals have tended to use is once again depicted in scantily clad attire (because a female has got to always be scantily clad before we take her seriously right?).

Despite being labelled as the archetypal pin up girl blonde next door Ms Upton it seems is adamant about crossing into the high fashion department that she covets, which raises the specter will her latest appearance raise her and similar shaped girl’s chances of crossing into high fashion modeling? Or is this just a situation of Vogue taking advantage of Ms Upton’s reputation by choosing to feature her and are paying lip service to the gesture that they and the fashion industry is now ready to start using curvier girls in its high fashion editorials.