And the winner of last night’s vice presidential debate was Joe Biden’s laugh.


Joe Biden's laugh is also a hawt bixch.

Joe Biden as far as I am concerned can tell me that he spanks children everyday and then feeds them to his pet poodle when he’s done with them. That shit wouldn’t bother me. Why you wonder? Cause Joe has a winning laugh. In fact so winning is the laugh I’ve been trying to stand in front of the mirror for hours this morning wondering how I may be able to affect the same nonchalance, Luther is me and are you seriously trying to talk me shit that would make any vice presidential opponent shiver.

Yes Joe Biden can do no wrong. Abortion? Who cares, let all them babies rot in their mother’s gizzards. Poverty, unemployment? What do I care, I’ll believe anything Joe will tell me, a $25 coupon that I can spend at Walmart, sure, I’ll take that shit, I’ll take anything Joe has to give just  as long as that bixch is staring past me, dismissing me like the nonsense that I really am and belly aching all the way to hell.

Yes Joe you’ve got my vote cause when the country finally goes up in flames and we’re all on the same tattered lifeboat going down the gurglar I’ll lean towards you and beg you to laugh one more time in my face….

Yes, Jill Biden inadvertently makes a penis joke…

Oh my! President Barack Obama lifted in the air in bear hug by Florida Pizza owner.

  • iddude

    He even let loose of one of his biggest gaffes that no one caught him on. Syria is five times Libya. That was the administration’s policy for not helping the other side in Syria. Has any one looked at a Middle East map lately?