Oh my! Lady Gaga tweets naked picture of self reclining on chair.

Lady Gaga naked

Born to be a media whore. Lady Gaga

Born to be a media whore…

Looks like Lady Gaga has stooped to new gimmicks to keep herself in the limelight (yes the London Olympics are here and bixch not being an athlete has to figure how to stay relevant) with her latest tweet.

In new tantalizing (no I didn’t get paid to say that shit) pictures Lady Gaga is seen plaintitively staring into the camera and into our souls.

Although Lady Gaga has a history of daring us with racy images, this one risks showing the most skin, and if you’re wondering about her private parts, that just might be a naked thong. Or is it?

Lady Gaga twitter: ‘I’m completely wasted in this photo.’

It’s time to gawk at Lady Gaga’s new Fame ad. Smells like an expensive hooker…