Natalia Vodianova pisses off fashion bloggers when she opines ‘it’s better to be skinny than to be fat.”

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova is a little bit of shit according to some fashion bloggers who are cut up by the super model’s comments..

It seems super model of the 00’s may have stepped in some dog poodle this weekend when she was part of a symposium of London’s much hyped Vogue Festival(yes, so hyped up I’m frothing from the gills…) and ended up stating that in her opinion ‘it’s better to be skinny than to be fat.’ Which of course strikes one as obvious, especially as few of us willfully choose to be overweight and unhealthy. But that of course is not how the fashion world, desperately stuck in its own quagmire as to how it feels about women’s public image and the contradictory stances they actually end up taking in fashion campaigns reacted to the model’s perceived faux pas.

Male observer to most female bloggers: can we be honest and admit that despite the much ballyhooed desire to accommodate robust women, most players in the fashion industry keep resorting to the use of overtly slim girls- just go to any fashion spread if you don’t believe me. I’m sick of all you fashion bloggers crying foul when on your very own websites the glamorization of slim models is the only game played in town.

Besides Huffpo who took exception (the comments are damning, the following one though caught my attention:

Only in the United States would her statement be controversial. 

Anorexia has only a 22% mortality rate and affects only 4% of the population, while obesity is 80% deadly and affects 40% of the population

female blog site, the gloss took acute exception to the model’s stance (cognizant that she might have offended sensibilities she was forced to quickly add an adjunct that she meant to say ‘obese’ and not ‘fat”). Writes the blog:

It was significant at the time because Vodianova was arguably the biggest star of the ’00s and models, even those as established as she, seldom speak out about the toxic perceptions of beauty in their industry.

…Which is why we’re surprised Vodianova is in a little bit of shit for saying something regrettable while seated on a model panel at this weekend’s Vogue festival.

Which begs the question, why invite industry professionals to have their say if we are to immediately bully them if they don’t tow some make believe line that the blogs who profess to reporting on such trends are not honest to admit that they more than anyone are the first to break the rules and run with double standards. It’s frankly beyond ridiculous and I wish the fashion media could own up to it.

The Telegraph

Natalia Vodianova as she has been celebrated time after time by the fashion industry.

At 5'9 the model ranges from 106-112 pounds and this despite complaints of her health which still saw her being adulated for maintaining the industry 'preferred' weight range.

Natalia Vodianova seen glorifying 'preferred' industry weight standards despite the industry's apparent disgust that the model has no proper concept of 'healthy weight' for the female form.

  • Gopapicom

    Being fat or skinny is a choice. Everything in life is a choice. Watch tv or go to the gym. Eat veggies or eat steak. Simple everyday choices. People become fat one decision at a time over the years.