Last public photos of Whitney Houston shows her disheveled, disorientated and very agitated.

Images sourced; zimbio

Bobby Brown rushes to a casino after Whitney’s funeral.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, known coke fiend now being urged to enter rehab.

Kevin Costner: ‘I should have saved Whitney!’

Images sourced: zimbio.

Pictures showing Whitney Houston this past Thursday appearing disheveled and clearly agitated may shed led to the singers state of mind prior to her death yesterday.

Said to have had an altercation with ‘X factor’ finalist Stacy Francis this past Thursday at an R&B appreciation event at the Tru nightclub, Hollywood, photos taken outside the club forebode some drama that the picture taker could hardly have reckoned to what degree at the time the pictures were taken. Indeed the photos give credence to the heightened degree of discord in the singers life that may have eventually lead to her ultimate demise.

A cursory regard of the photos show a belligerent and utterly disorientated Ms Houston, with what appears to be sweat running down her and what onlookers observed to be blood running down her leg. Looking at the photos it seems apparent Whitney Houston has either had too much to drink or is on some sort of drug, whether a legal prescription or illegal drug is hard to say.

The photos themselves, one of many over the years, depicts the talented singer in a way that unfortunately had been known to become her calling card over the last decade and a half- a striking contrast to her often stellar stage presence (reports of her not being able to hit her notes and audience members leaving are rife) and her manufactured depiction courtesy of her Hollywood handlers.

Judging from public sentiment, it hardly seems the way most people will choose to remember the singer, nevertheless it is a disturbing reminder that even those who society so often adulates are so often behind closed doors the ones prone to self destruction and the headiness of self conflict. Which paradoxically may explain their ability to mesmerize us with their art even at the deep personal toll to themselves….

But perhaps the newyorkersummed it up the best:

With the weird blend of investment and helplessness that typifies kin, we’ve watched Whitney Houston die in front of us, slowly and unmistakably, for more than a decade. Now that she is dead at the age of forty-eight, found at the Beverly Hilton, we face a new and weirder blend: the grief you feel for someone you didn’t really know but are unable to pretend you weren’t tied to, and the awkward truth that they’ve met the end you expected. Do we shrug, and walk away, humbled by the brutality of the body’s chemistry? Do we wag our fingers even harder at our kids, as if we can somehow scare their brains into being 2.0 brains? Considering how many times Houston confronted her own addiction in public, her end confirms that the pull of addiction can be stronger than the pull of dignity.

Whitney Houston: the human behind the celebrity

Was Whitney Houston’s greatest love a woman?

Bobby Brown storms out of Whitney’s funeral after scuffle ensues.

Mourners dance in the streets as Whitney’s wake is held indoors.

Whitney Houston’s funeral draws Hollywood’s biggest names.

Breaking: Whitney Houston memorial tribute for Saturday’s funeral leaked.

Was Whitney Houston a secret lesbian? Did self disgust fuel a drug binge?

Revealed: Plastic surgeon refused to take Whitney Houston on because she failed medical

Bobby Brown gives in and will not attend Whitney’s funeral despite earlier reports of crashing.

Revealed: aides rushed to get rid of Whitney’s coke stash before paramedics arrived.

Bobby Brown not invited to Whitney Houston’s funeral insists he’s going to crash it anyway.

And this is a picture of the bathtub that Whitney Houston died in.

Whitney Houston: Doomed to self destruct, blew over $100 million on crack.

Bobby Brown gives in and will not attend Whitney’s funeral despite earlier reports of crashing.

Revealed: aides rushed to get rid of Whitney’s coke stash before paramedics arrived.

Bobby Brown not invited to Whitney Houston’s funeral insists he’s going to crash it anyway.

And this is a picture of the bathtub that Whitney Houston died in.

Whitney Houston: Doomed to self destruct, blew over $100 million on crack.

 Chaka Khan: “Whitney and I got high together.”

Whitney Houston’s daughter released from hospital after experiencing total meltdown.

GRAMMYS: Adele returns, Whitney remembered

New questions arise if Whitney Houston committed suicide.

BREAKING: Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, rushed to hospital

Theory emerges that Whitney Houston may have died due to prescription drugs.

Kim Kardashian attends pre-Grammy party, disrespects Whitney

BREAKING: Whitney Houston has died

  • Madu Rais

    RIP Singer Whitney Houston Cause of Dead & Dead photo (at Beverly Hilton hotel) leaked online here

  • Bullldog38

    A friend was her personal porter on Maui some years back. She was very
    Disrespectful and 0 tip for his hard work. Never hear anything about her
    Giving back anything to mankind.

  • Madonna

    I can’t feel sorry for someone who had everything and pissed it all away with drugs and alcohol.

    She knew what she was doing and didn’t seem to care

  • Anonymous

    It is obvious she had a problem.  Very much like Amy Winehouse, who definitely gave nothing back to mankind but a record on how to be a drughead from what seemed damn near birth to death.  So before you guys go hating on Whitney, back the f*** up!  

    I am wondering though why people just can’t get off the sh**!  Are drugs that damn powerful?!?!?She had been in rehab after rehab.  As I understood it, same with Winehouse.  Still no cigar!  Why?!?!?

  • Gmac

    You don’t know what they have been through that they maybe covering up. IT’s not right but she wasn’t a bad person. Made wrong choices but that’s life.

  • Elle71186

    I had respect for whitney way back when she seems to respect herself..

  • JungleBoi Tee

    LOL, I was going to reply that your rather inexplicable indignation seems to be getting in the way of your compassion, but I can’t take you seriously when you post as “Madonna” Gurl, get a grip on reality.

  • JungleBoi Tee

    Certain drugs are simply that powerful.  The neurotransmitters with which they interact, commonly seratonin, dopamine (and others) are so crucial to our proper existence and so completely thrown out of kilter by drugs that the experiences have life-altering, radical consequences.

  • Anonymous

    It’s an area where people often have insufficient compassion for others, because they simply don’t understand it… a drug, whether it’s booze, cigarettes, or cocaine can be powerfully addictive for one person, but not for the next. The person who can take it or leave it has no understanding of the person who is taken over by the drug.  As Shakespeare wrote, “He jests at scars that never felt a wound.”  Let’s all try to have compassion for the wounded.

  • Sparkle

    It is so sad when people who obviously never had an addiction get on here and condem people that do or did. It is so true what you say, mattlove1

  • Openu

    at least Amy wrote her own songs Whitney was a puppet sad but she had a voice that’s it I’ve never seen her play a instrument as above she wrote non or her own songs! she was industry fodder.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right. I’ve never done drugs. So I can’t relate. I have however read some things about mental illness. There are things that don’t make sense until one delves further. So I try not to judge.

    But I do wonder what is a reasonable response to an obvious problem. How can interventions make a difference. I’ve seen people try to use the one size fits all approach or scorning. An adverse response quite often happens. It is difficult to know what is best.

  • Spitroski

    Maybe that caused her demise – having to please everyone and not being able to be a normal person like you and I. I can’t imagine the pressure she must have felt day in and day out. She was really just a normal person with a God-given gift and so graciously shared it with others. Unfortunately she was continuously under a microscope. Yes, Whitney Houston had problems and she made her own choices but it certainly didn’t make her a bad person – she was just a person with “problems”. We are not qualified to judge one unless we walk in their shoes. At least she is free of the miscroscope and continuous judging! She is truly missed! And I do feel sorry for her and her family. A legend was lost!!!

  • Nyzzie

    I don’t hear no one criticizing Elvis for his asinine mistakes. HATERS!!! Sleep in PEACE Whitney. You are truly an angel and I know you’re sharing that wonderful voice with everyone up there in heaven. Your FANS miss and love you. Gone to soon!!!

  • SDS

    Well said. My older brother, who had a Masters from Penn State was 6’11” 290lbs and played on the Phi Eagles practice squad in the mid 70’s, drank himself to death. I could never understand it until I watched him die. Addiction is VERY powerful, even to those who could seemingly just say no, they cant. Even with all her God given talent, the drugs were just to much, such a waste most OD’s are, they’re good people.



  • JungleBoi Tee

    You referred to your older brother as “her.”

  • JungleBoi Tee

    What is your point? She was a singer not a singer/song-writer? To simply put her down serves no purpose. Yes, a voice is what you need to be a singer.

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