Taylor Swift becomes my February hero. Bixch snags February Vogue cover.


The fashion world is still stuck on skinny cookie cutter girls…

Kids it seems Anna Wintour has surprised not in the slightest by choosing to go with a well known public figure to grace February’s Vogue cover. Then again should we be surprised? Welcome to the fore- Taylor Swift looking as dynamite and as predictable as most contemporary American fashion. Safer and plain is de plum.

Although we’ll cut Anna some slack with the revelation that March’s cover girl may well just be Adele (who doesn’t necessarily cut the predictable skinny cookie cutter regime that we’re all so used to seeing -blah and blah) , another singer who’s being pulling out our heart strings. So fashion is getting emotional these days, hmm, who would have thought?

Do you have what it takes to be a Vogue cover girl?

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  • Bostonbetty808

    Love it! She looks gorgeous. Only time i will buy vogue as working class mom.