Wildlife group asks people to donate sexy knits for oil stricken penguins off New Zealand coastline.

Have you ever wanted to knit a sexy knit for a penguin? Maybe now is your chance.

As a result of a large oil spill off the coast of New Zealand, authorities fearing havoc with the eco system have begun to ask people volunteering to send knits for local penguins to wear so they don’t freeze or are poisoned as they preen themselves.

For those in the mood to knit a few sexy sweaters, a site called grist.org has come up with a few knitwear suggestions and where you can send all your love and affection to the little critters who risk being casualties courtesy of the oil slick.

Don’t you wish you were a cute critter too so somebody could knit something for you too? Unless of course you are a cute critter already…

Patterns and instructions can be found at  Skeinz.com,Penguins.org, and Etsy.

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