Have you made out with your son yet?

Mommy- Will you 'smother' some suntan lotion on my scorched cheekbones?'

Mother and son are at the beach again.

Kids the goosepimples are colliding all over my spine this evening and making me feel googly. Why? Let’s just say I’m going to get another sneak preview of incestuous love…

dlisted: All the way back in January, most of the Internet threw “How Oedipus-ey of you” side-eyes at Stephanie Seymour and her young son Peter when pictures of them going to second base with each other made the rounds. Young Peter was on his mom’s tete like he just fell out of the womb and couldn’t eat solid foods. At the time, Stephanie told everyone to get out of her life space and she’s just really close with her kids. Young Peter said the same and also added that he’s gay and wouldn’t get on his mom like that even if she had tiny penises on her breasts instead of nipples.

Looks to me like no hanky panky (well at least in front of the cameras) but my tongue is still rolling off like a trembling sea saw caught in a huff and puff. You be the judge, did mother and son get it on again?

' Another bottle of suntan lotion gone? You know where they keep going Stephanie?'

"Psst- meet me by the shore..."

" He always accuses me of the most horrible things!!'

"You're not my son! But I'll take the love wherever I can get it!"