Has anyone noticed Hillary Clinton’s new hair clip?

Hillary Clinton; 'Can someone show me where the oven is?'

Setting trends requires little effort when you’re the brass.

It’s time to start rummaging through those old tipster boxes kids. Why? Because our president, oops, we meant to say our Secretary of State, Captain Hillary Clinton has suddenly made wearing your hair as if you were about to get up and clean your kitchen stove on a Sunday morning de tre riguer.

D listed: On The View this morning, one of the crumbs the hens viciously pecked at was the hair clip that Hillary Clinton wore to a meeting at the United Nations this past Sunday. Hillary was there to meet about what’s going on in Pakistan and Haiti, but instead all eyes were focused on the hair clip she fished out of a swap meet discount bin circa 1988. Some moaned that it’s very unprofessional-like for an important politician to wear her hair like my mom about to clean her oven.

Least you all forget, Captain Clinton can do as she damn well pleases, and even if her latest fashion accessories have some media aficionados cackling, one need to be pleased that at least it’s not an instance of Captain Clinton getting it on with one of the Alpha Phi interns, cause if she were we’d quickly wish she was just wearing some annoying blue plastic chopsticks like a Japanese Samurai lord.

Aren’t you glad you’re now getting your fashion cues from Captain Clinton?

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