Home Visual Arts Hous Project’s the Naked Truth May 13- July 10, 2010.

Hous Project’s the Naked Truth May 13- July 10, 2010.


“The Naked Truth” opening reception May 13th at the Hous Projects on Howard Street was without a doubt a success. Curated by Ruben Natal San Miguel the pre-war loft opening was packed with after work, after school and downtown chic hipsters voyeurs sipping wine and indulging.

Nude photos include superstars like Marilyn Monroe in scarf by Bert Stern and Madonna by Herb Ritts. Photographs of sculpted male nudes enjoyably accompany the varied representations of female nudes. Herb Ritt’s “Fred with Tires II”, showcasing a supremely sculpted torso of a Zeus, is my favorite; I feel it personalizes the male, surpasses the region specific areas by Duane Michaels and Robert Mapplethorpe.

Other photographs range from young female’s backs turns to the camera, to Zach Hymen’s “Easy Rider”—an Asian youth in heels—fully exposed on the subway. “Abandoned Housewife” by Marla Rutherford definitely stood out with sophistication and class; dressed in a transparent latex material, a housewife stands desolate, v-cupping her vagina in her hands. “Spring Cleaning” by the same artist, interestingly captures an ostentatiously clad woman, kneeling on a safari theme covering. Topless, leopard pattern garters with spotted facemask and red bulbous lips, the middle aged woman seems to invite yet intimidate viewers.hou1-E

Digital c-prints and silver gelatin prints were the most common mediums–archival inkjet prints, cibachrome and Polaroid scan prints—were too, common. I also enjoyed Marilyn Minter’s skateboard decks, unto which female sensual parts–a green eye and lips sipping pearls– were printed; there were four—situated into a square. See http://www.housprojects.com/exhibitions/thenakedtruth.html

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